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Nerd Alert: If You Like Video games… ALLOT… You Like This Video

(it looks like he may have a problem)

The Death of Youtube???

(redesign hurts the little guy)

(or does it???)

I have to admit, I totally agree with most of what he is saying. Many people have NO IDEA how business works. I am begining to think some pople think business is magic, like Lucky Charms or something.

So people will get mad that Youtube will try to actually make money off of a site that is NOT making money. People use it to an N’th degree but somehow becuase it is being used so much that it must be profitable. Wrong.

Its hard to advertise Trix cereal next to a guy spitting explitives and talking about liking squirl nuts.

I personally have some idea how how Youtube and other sites can earn more money, but it still won’t be enough to pay for all the bandwidth they expend just on playing the videos. So what happenes? Site redesign. probably one of a few designs that will come down the pike to try to make YouTube profitable.

I am looking forward to seeing it, because I like YouTube, but they won’t last bleeding money like they are now.

People Seem To Like The Instint Call Phone… I’m sort of indifferent

What do you think? I am not impressed and still think the iPhone is better. Maybe if they use the Opera browser for mobile phones then maybe I would be on board.

Anyway, I am still getting the Centro and the iPhone. Now I just have to decide which phone company I should pick. AT&T or Sprint (yes I know the iPhone isn’t Sprint but I’m willing to wait for it to be on Sprint lol)