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Time To Get Fit: MensHealth Contest

ime to get fit

(a contest I am just not ready for… yet)

(could use a cruise though…)

Shape Ups Shoes From Skechers – Fitness Footwear

I swear they say “buttocks” like 10+ times

Women's Shape Ups - Jump Start From Skechers

– and the video is a must watch – Continue reading

P90X… Does It Work?

Well, here we are with the first post of the week and I am starting with exercise. Yes, the grown and sexy are into exercise (we have to be cause we are getting fat) or at least try to work out so I will try to make sure that I write about exercise.

So here I am watching this commercial (informercial actually) after watching an hour long show on the autoshow in Detriot and they are talking about working out and “muscle confusion“. So I m wondering, is this a scam or the real deal.

Then a brain storm hit me: I will test this item out and tell you what I think. In fact this won’t be the only exercise/cell phone/gaming system/tech gadget/car/trucks/restaurants/food/travel that I will be playing with before I review it for all you grown and sexy people.

So, I will be officially ordering this thing sometime this week (probably Friday) in the hopes that I get it by Sunday of the second week (February 8th) and will chart my progress. Is it a sham? Does it work? Does it work at least a little bit?

I guess we will all find out.

(one persons view already…  lol)

Suunto X9i Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch with Altimeter

What can make a watch for sports and working out cost almost 400 dollars? I guess when it has an Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and GPS.

Here is the description of the watch:

The Suunto X9i GPS Watch tracks waypoints along your route, interfaces with digital mapping software, and even tracks speed, distance, altitude, and weather as you hike, climb, or ski. Pre-plan your routes by uploading data from digital maps or Google Earth, so you never lose your trail. Suunto made the GPS with an incredibly accurate 3-foot resolution and gave it the ability to show your current speed, distance traveled, distance to you next waypoint. It also has enough memory to store a ridiculous amount of information for future reference. Find your way through a whiteout, battle through brush to a remote peak, and know exactly how many vertical feet you ski in a season with this amazing GPS watch.

I truly doubt I would get anything like this, nor do I ever see me needing to use it. I guess knowing how high you have climed right there on the spot is ok… well if you want it, it will cost you exactly $349.99

As seen on Amazon.com

Yeah, I Got The Purfect Pushup… AND IT WORKS!

I’ve been using it for a month now and I have to say my chest and triceps are getting a little beefy. No, I don’t look like the guy  in the picture though… somehow I feel that is implied that you will look like the guy on the picture after 30 days, but anyway I have to say it works. those 2 minute workouts are tough. I know I am out of shape, but DANG! I figure I would be able to do more push ups than the 14, 10, and 6 I do in a setting.

Well, I am on my way to being way built by next year. I started walking around the neighborhood to get my body ready for running around the track. I hope by next month i will actually see the track and be jogging on it. I want to join the gym I joined last year (and never went not once) to work on my weak knees and get rid of my gut. I actually want a 6 or even a 8 pack (never had one before no matter how hard I tried) so i will be working on that too.

And i really need to get a bike. When I was riding my bike, I think I was in the greatest shape of my life (too bad I was going through so much turmoil in my head at the time) so I need to get that bike!

I also need to get that traveling Perfect Pushup so I can do stuff at work (if possible). I’ll try to get you guys (all 100 of you who read this blog a day) up do date on what I’m doing when it comes to my workouts.

As seen on Amazon.com