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Tell Me The Truth*

(because the truth hurts lol)

The Truth Wristband is a wearable device that dynamically reflects your psycho-emotional response to the world, promoting internal states to be externalized and made into interactive forms of expression. Measuring the galvanic skin response (a marker of emotional arousal commonly used in lie detector tests), this devices lights turn from blue to red as the wearer becomes aroused. Ask the wearer an evocative question and reveal his or her inner Truth

Couldn’t I tell if he I telling the truth just by looking at him and asking  him a bunch of questions?

As The Turntable Turns: The Tableturns Gold Watch by Flud Watches

Sells for 80 Bucks at Karmaloop

This is a unique find. Not very subtle, but nice. Not classy, but still nice. This is another watch that you better know where the hands are pointing to because there are no ANYTHING to say what time it is. All you have is the hand positions. You will defiantly know its 12am (or pm), when its 3 o’clock and so forth, but not when its 9:32am lol

But as I said before, this watch is for fashion and making a statement about you, not so much telling what time it is. Besides, most people look at their cell phones first for what time it is anyway. Plus, since you are a business man who has total control of what time you go to stuff, maybe you don’t need to know what time it is LOL


The Tableturns Gold Watch
Watches By Flud Watches – Karmaloop

Players Don’t NEED To Know What Time It Is: The Nikon Player Watch

The Player Watch
Watches By Nixon

Price: 270.00 Dollars

I don’t wanna be a player no more!!! I defiantly feel that this is grown and sexy. It is not for the person who need immediate confirmation of what time it is. If you can’t look at the watch and then know it is 8:43pm, then maybe its not for you. Then again, with iPods, cell phones and PDA’s with the time on it, maybe you don’t need a watch with numbers on it lol

Me? I would only know if its 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and that’s about it.

But the watch still looks so fly.

For about 270.00 Dollars, you can have this watch in your pocket… I mean wrist.

Suunto X9i Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch with Altimeter

What can make a watch for sports and working out cost almost 400 dollars? I guess when it has an Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and GPS.

Here is the description of the watch:

The Suunto X9i GPS Watch tracks waypoints along your route, interfaces with digital mapping software, and even tracks speed, distance, altitude, and weather as you hike, climb, or ski. Pre-plan your routes by uploading data from digital maps or Google Earth, so you never lose your trail. Suunto made the GPS with an incredibly accurate 3-foot resolution and gave it the ability to show your current speed, distance traveled, distance to you next waypoint. It also has enough memory to store a ridiculous amount of information for future reference. Find your way through a whiteout, battle through brush to a remote peak, and know exactly how many vertical feet you ski in a season with this amazing GPS watch.

I truly doubt I would get anything like this, nor do I ever see me needing to use it. I guess knowing how high you have climed right there on the spot is ok… well if you want it, it will cost you exactly $349.99

As seen on Amazon.com