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Nerd Alert: 3D From Sony… and no 3D glasses needed

(one cool video… you know, if your a nerd)




An interesting iPhone App for car drivers is… interesting…

(gosh this is a awesome video!)

HTC Hero with Google… it really looks good

HTC Hero with Google

(I really think I want to try out this phone)

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The Supply Side Revolution from the Kudlow Report

Ok everyone, I think this is an important video to watch. This is what I was taught when I took that economics course. This is what most people are taught… even those politicians who seem to say otherwise. I know we all have our political views, but I bet we can all agree one one thing: The US government needs to give us more of our own money back. Stop taxing us to “create wealth” somewhere else, let us do it. Lower taxes during a recession, not increase it, give businesses the ability to re-invest in themselves so they can hire more people and buy more products, allow people to start their own business easily, get us as much of those tax dollars you can spare and le us recover the economy.Period

Make the economic pie bigger, don’t just slice the one we have into more parts.

The new normal indeed… Watch the video, especially the first minute.

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Lets be grown about this. Let us really and TRULY get all sides of this and what is going on. I can tell you right now that we may be in for some trouble if our government continues to spend money it doesn’t have and print money just to pay its own debts (while at the same time devaluing the dollar… those gas prices are going to go up again, but not because oil is more expensive, it because you dollar is worth less than it was)

One thing to really remember (and I am going to write about this in detail one day), the reason why the American middle class is shrinking is not just because the rich are getting richer; It is because the money we earn is worth less and less. For people with millions (especially high net worth earners), it doesn’t matter as much, but for us, it matter allot.

2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon… its freakin hot

Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

(I can’t wait to get my hands on this car)

Netbooks… now with dual screens


(not sure what the point of this is if you wanted something small)

Really? I guess one could get more use out of a wider screen but I thought the whole idea wa that to have something that was a small form factor. After watching the video, I can see that if you dont have space, you can see one screen but if you want to do a little more work, you can slide (yes slide) the other screen out and do what you need to do.

I am sure this needs more power and therefore will probably be really bad with battery power (forget about 6hrs of usage) but hey, there is a possibility that this could work for someone out there. Take a look at the video.

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Don’t see any costs to this so I guess it is in development. Looks forward to reading the specs on this one.

Drake & Trey Songz – Successful

[For Those Of Us Who Want To Be Successful]

{And Know What It Takes To Get There]

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How to Write a Check: How to Balance Your Checkbook from eHow.com

It may be embarrassing but many people many not really know how to write a check or balance their checkbook. usually its the parents who teach you this as a kid, but if the parent doesn’t know or if the parent did teach the kid and the kid forgot… well, money issues seem to be a problem in the American household so here is something for those who may want an update on how to write a check and balance your checkbook (yes I know, balancing your check book is more complex than what the video shows, but its a simple video on what to do)

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Dumplin’ Butt I s What I Want – From Hip Hop Honors Airing Oct 13th


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It may not be Monday, but I couldn’t let this one pass me by.

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Cut-Rate Supercars… Now YOU Could Afford Them!!!

(for 30 to 60k a pop you too can own a supercar)

(the depreciation  on these cars is just sad)