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Because You Just Need It: Twitter Pillow

Twitter Icon Pillow

(I have no words for this)

Yes I am On Twitter… Follow My Abstract Thoughts lol


(yes I do post very interesting things on there)

A Very Interesting Commercial Website: Dr Pepper + Dr pepper Musuem

Dr Pepper Wallpaper 1970's

(its 2009! we got 32″ widescreeen LCD screens and standard 19″ CRT…)

(why don’t they make bigger wallpapers? lol)

Came across this site while browsing one of my favorite sneaker blogs (yes, I do collect sneakers, but I also collect mens shoes cause if your going to be grown AND sexy, you gotta have shoes lol) and decided i would click on one of their advertisments to support them and other such blah blah blah and it took me HERE to the Dr. Pepper website. Its pretty cool especially the falling soda into the glass. You gotta see it (requires Flash.. of which most computer in the US have almost by default).

What’s even cooler (to me at least) is that they also have a Dr Pepper Musuem (with website and all the fixins). Of course they have a blog (of which they actually update) and they also have a Twitter account (are big companies catching on as to how to use this stuff? maybe), a MySpace account, and a YouTube account.

I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in years… maybe more than a decade. I will admit though, that this is the first time I have thought about actually getting one in a long time.

Twitter Follows: Who Is Following Who On Twitter

twitter2 by mafi0z of userlogos.org

twitter3 by mafi0z of userlogos.org

Thinking of making this one of the weekly things I will post on the site. It just sort of interesting who Solange follows or MC Hammer or the NY Times. Then again, maybe i will leave this for my other blog… nahhhh I think i will post here about Twitter every Thursday… Thursday Twitter Follows… why not?

And yes I am totally behind in my posting on tech and fashion. Seen allot of stuff going on and seen allot of stuff on sale too that I am sure the grown and sexy in all of us would like to see. And no I most certainly did not forget about my fashion watch person of the month Solange who I think is taking the model fashionista approach to startdom… and it may very well work.

I finished the review of Coffy, now I just have to write it out. Watching Wanted in a few hours (bought from iTunes), seen some fabulous architecture pictures that I just have to share, and a few official business/profesionalism rants as well as reflecting what’s going on oilitically (because the grown and sexy do not ignore our responsibility to rien in these politiains when they need to be riened in).

Also reviewing my Dell Mini and AT&T Tilt phone (extensive review because I had it for almost 8 months now), a few of these social websites like Plurk, Friendfeed, Cooliris, and yes, Twitter as well as reviewing some cool blogs like Tech Crunch and Joe User (a blog community… why don’t more blog services actually try to make a blog community instead of just a bunch of stand along blogs hosted on one server… yes I am pointing at YOU Google Blogger).

By the way, Firefox is the joint! I hope you guys have it (I am sure most of you do). But, do you have the coolest extentions? I bet you don’t.

Other stuff I will be reviewing:

  • DELL XPS 420
  • HP TouchSmart tx2z series
  • Deviant Art
  • Stardock
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Netgear Wireless Router

Anyway, don’t expect any posts this week. I am working on the site design and post schedules so you can either come everyday or come on the days you want to see certain things… like Thursday Twitter Follows, Wednesday’s The Watch Watch, Fashion Friday, Travel Tuesday, and Sleepy Sunday’s… but even if you come on those days, I am sure you will want to see any tech posts (everyday), men and women shoes (everyday) gossip (everyday), events (everyday), cars (everyday) and other fascinating items across the web.

And those old skool music videos lol

I have other stuff coming down the pike for the grown and sexy so stay tuned. Its gonna be real fun.