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Ford Is Trying To Get Those Sales Up

Ford is doing it up for Mustang

(that doesn’t look half bad)

Ford got this thing currenly online that allows you to transform your boring (well not that boring) Ford Mustang into a freakin beast. I settled for something muscle like but still subtle, but you can take it to another level if you wish. Rims, wings, shilds, tats… its all there. You can even change the COLORS of the rims and other parts.

Ford Mustang customized... Green Mean

(love the green… but the puple calls me)

Mustang Customized

Check it out.

Not Grown or Sexy: Don’t Fall Asleep While Getting Your Face Tatoo


(did she really fall asleep after getting 56 stars on her face?)

Tatoos With Style: Check Out Rihanna’s Tattoos

I love me some The.LIFE Files. I wish them well because people who are grown and sexy like the finer things, also like rap, also like to have fun, and also like a little gossip now and then too lol. Here we have Rihanna showing off the Tattoos that she can show you. I am not too much of a sexist (even though I am admitingly old school and I do open doors for the ladies), but I like women who don’t have the crazy tattoos all over their bodies. What Rihanna has is very smooth and even feminine. It also is sort of secretive too. She made some good choices when it came to the tattoos that we can see LMAO

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