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Around 7+ “Things You Never Hear”

(yeah, I know… things that make you go “why did I buy a Zune?”)

Ok, seriously, who puts commercials in front of their OWN VIDEOS??? LOL

Well, if anybody can do it, its Seth macFarlane (creator of The Family Guy). And that commercial in front of the video sure looks interesting. The Goode Family will air on ABC (aren’t they owned by Disney?)

And Speaking Of Mario… Mario Rescues the Princess “UNCENSORED”

for adults only

(yeah… that frog is one lucky dude)

(too bad Mario couldn’t even get play)

This is not for the kiddies and is probably not safe for work. Was thinking about passwording this but its not as bad as some of those classic music videos… I didn’t realize “Push It” by Salt and Peppa was so bad lol

Anyway, here is the clip:

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How Advertising SHOULD Be Done – Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

(the King likes square butts too… I guess it got him in trouble with the apes)

You know, I am into advertising and promotion. I guess after years of waching TV, movies, cable and so forth, I have become savvy with advertising. This right here is not only funny for Burger King, but very cool. Are we to go back to the days were advertising actually linked back to the show they were advertising on instead of some generic ad that can be put anywhere?

Granted that generic ads are less costly and can be repeated continuosly, but ads like this Burger King promo on a YouTube video promoting a DVD release by Seth MacFarlane is priceless. Its made to be viral and it freakin works lol