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Another Review Coming Your Way: Plurk

Plurk is probably a little better than twitter, but I think it can do more to differential itself from twitter than just being much like it.

I am testing it out and a review of the service is coming your way in a week. I will tell you guys this; I like the timeline feature and the ability to comment rather quickly to waht you add.

Anyway, if you want, you can follow me on there by clicking here:


Snooth… Go Try It Out

Snooth Badge 150x50

I am trying it out myself. I think I ill give it a month or 2 and then make a review of how it works and if its worth it.

I Like The LG Shine

One Big Commercial About Shiny New Tech Toys lol

Don’t know too much about the phone by LG, but I like that shiny mirror like finish. I don’t know if I will start seeing women staring into their phones to see what they look like, but its still an interesting concept.

LG Shine at AT&T

All Sorts Of Videos

Review of Shine at CNET