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I Need This: Portable Photo Studio

Portable Photo Studio

(a must have for picture taking)

(and cheap too: 49.99)

Source: Book Of Joe.com

Flickr Friday: No Name by Dr Cullen’s photostream

No Name Dr Cullen

(this is one beautiful picture)

You know, in my newly formed business, I am trying to get my arms around how I am going to go about to changing how small businesses, start-ups and business professionals market themselves through art, visual media, web and interface design and the one thing that hit me is that I got to take pictures.

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Real Life Google Streetview


(because what you get online just isn’t enough)

Lamborghini Reventón Is Like Wow….

Lamborghini Reventón

(soooooo hawt!!!)

This is just straight sexy. I need this painted in mixed media form and on my wall as of yesterday! This would make a great wall painting! Oh yeah and the car is nice too! There is some news/rumor about short wheelbase yada yada yada on Autoblog.. but the picture just overcomes the story lol