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The Stimulus Tax Break… what is it for you?

Tax Savings
How households may fare under the economic recovery plan.
Income Avg. Tax Savings Drop in Tax Bite
Under $19K $476 -95%
$19K-$38K $652 -22%
$38K-$66K $781 -9%
$66K-$112K $1,301 -7.5%
$112K-$161K $2,549 -8.3%
$161K-$227K $3,883 -8.3%
$227K-$603K $5,133 -5.7%
$2.8M plus $39,350 -1.4%
Source: The Tax Policy Center

<<<< There it is in black and white

So if you are wondering what will happen to your pay check on April 1 2009, you can now see it right here. For more info check out the link where I read it.