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Preview of The High Line


(and there is more)

And it only gets better!!! Video and more pictures coming up later next week.


The High Line Park in NYC Is Open

The High Line Park Opens - pic by Will Femia

(this is one awesome park)

the Gansevoort Street stairwell

(beautiful spaces)

Chelsea Market - At left the Caledonia


(now go watch the video!!!!) Continue reading

The HighLine Park and Public Space

(I love it!!!)

Background Info Videos

You see this? This is why I like Architecture so much. This is why I am planning my return into the field (either that or getting into transportation and real estate… or maybe all 3, who can stop me? lol) I see the loss of these spaces all around the city. Stuff that can make NYC even more unique than it already is. I sometime morn the loss of some parts of our above ground elevated tracks that could have been something special. I think about the strip of unused elevated track owned by the LIRR/MTA that has now become a row of trees that cuts through queens and ask myself, “will they tear that down one day?”

Oh and you should see some of the buildings they have up already, and what is planned. Its just wonderful.

The High Line, ladies and gentlemen! Please remember to head over there when its finished AND take a look at the Friends Of The Highline website and don’t forget to look at the slide show.