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Architecture: Living ON The Ocean


(just around the corner between Atlantic and Pacific)

Firstly, let me say this; the place that the original story is at has the title, “Seasteading Is The Aquatic Answer To The Housing Crisis.”

Now I would like to know something; where is this housing crisis? Its not in the US with housing prices going down 27% and still dropping . Some towns thinking about knocking down some of the built up empty homes so that they will stop depreciating the value of the homes there… that housing crisis?


ANYway, back to the cool architecture. I would love to live there. I don’t know what it would be like during storms but I would really like it.

Brief desctipion:

The Seasteading Institute, committed to the ongoing development of ocean communities, has just announced the winners of their first annual design content. Could people really end up living in these hypothetical off-shore communities? The design contest had five categories: Overall, Best Picture, Aesthetics, Personality, and Community Choice

If I knew about it, I would have entered the competition. Hey, you never know until you try! lol