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MobileLife: Funny Verizon Commercial

(but the iPhone still rocks as a personal phone)

An interesting iPhone App for car drivers is… interesting…

(gosh this is a awesome video!)

Is TomTom’s iPhone Car Kit Worth $120???

tomtom iPhone GPS

(what? 120 bucks and the iPhone app is sold separately?)

For a grand total of 120 dollars, tax not included, you get a fancy holder for your iPhone that hopefully enhances the GPS signal enough for it to be accurate enough to drive with. Somehow TomTom forgot to include the actul appthat will need to run on the iPhone in order to use it into the over all price. If they did the price would go up about 99 dollars because that is how much the app costs.

So the question is: is it worth buying all of this when you can get a stand alone GPS kit at close to the same price? For some I am sure the answer is yes. For me, the answer is no. The iPhone battery has enough to handle from music to video and games and all types of other apps. I think I will leave the car navigation to a particular self contained unit that is just for navigation.

Of course this is all for naught if you already have this installed into your car like many cars and trucks do have as an option.

24-inch iPhone OS – Could This Be The Future For iPhone Technology?

24-inch iPhone OS

(its soooo smooth and I want it in laptop form)

Granted this is just a hack someone did… and even that is disputed… but it sure as hell looks cool!

Apple 3.0 + iPhone 3G S = Superman (Apparently)


(truth, justice, and a American version of the iPhone 3GS)

It looks like people are waiting for the new release of the next update for the iPhone and iPod touch. I am currently uploading the update now and (changed my mind after reading that there are problems with downloading… I will just wait till all the other people do their thing) hope that something I bought (NIKE+ Running Tracker) works with the update (which I doubt becuase I don’t have a second generation iPod touch). Anyway the reviews are fast and furious. Gizmodo has one and I am sure TechCrunch will too.

More pics and video below, just click read more 🙂

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The Noel Collection for iPhone 3G/3GS From more

Noel Collection for iPhone 3G3GS - AP05-021 by more

(this is one slick looking add-on to the iPod)

Looks sheek and stylish…

without putting a dent in your pocket


Nerd Alert: The Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

(because its just freakin awesome)

Is it grown? Is it sexy? Most people will say hell no, but it is being grown and sexy when you are true to yourself and let me tell you the nerd/geek/tech lover in me loves this app.

Does the app do anything other than look AWESOME?

The spot on graphics and familiar chirping sound triggered when performing the epic cover-flip to access the communicator’s controls is pure goodness. This one is guaranteed to have serious old school Trekkies drooling like a Basset Hound. My favorite part of this app is that with one touch of a button a dialing pad is revealed that allows users to engage their communicator fantasies at will for making calls. Calling buddies for a beer run has never felt so incredibly satisfying.

SOURCE: iPhone Savior

AWESOME!!! And the price is awesome too at .99 Cents

iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold: Side-by-Side Photos and Video

As seen on Gizmodo and can also be seen on iPhoneBlog.com. All I have to say is that I don’t get the comparison. The iPhone is really for personal entertainment and fun with a small mix of professional/business life. The BlackBerry Bold is more professional with a touch of fun and entertainment.

So if your more into music, video (like TV and Movies), sharing photos, taking pictures and surfing the web (with so many websites using flash, why DOESN’T the iPhone and the Touch not see flash) then you want the iPhone. If you want to really use MS Word, Powerpoint, email, and have many of the cell phone features you are accustomed to (like voice activation, video recording and such) then you want the Bold.

Me? I am still fixed on getting the Centro from either Sprint or AT&T. Its a matter of cost, how much can I get off percent wise, and which color I want (AT&T has the really cool looking soft white and green one, but Sprint has this red one that is too cool). That will be my work and business phone. My personal phone will most likely be a iPhone (I love the entertainment features, but as a business phone, it sucks).

For more, visit Gizmodo (link below)

iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold: The Side-by-Side Photos and Video