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Infiniti 2012 M35 Hybrid… yes hybrid

Infiniti 2012 M35 Hybrid

(the M series for Infiniti just got better)

(that is if they do it)

Just when I thought I would just have to get the Lexus GS400 Hybrid because it is my only option, now Infiniti has decided to make me wonder if the Lexus is a good idea.

Looks like Infiniti is getting more serious about taking on Lexus. Back in August we saw the M get “virtually revealed” at Pebble Beach. We’ve also been following the tale of the upcoming JDM-only new Nissan Fuga, a car which is virtually identical to Infiniti’s M. Then of course Inside Line dropped the M-bomb when they published pics of both the M56 and M37x after their secret pre-production test drive. Meaning we know there’s going to be a 400+ hp 5.6-liter V8 M56, a VQ engined M37 (with around 330 hp — as much or more than the V8 in the outgoing M45 makes) and M37x (x = AWD). There’s also a diesel M aimed at Europe. But today we learn there is another.

(from Autoblog)

Infiniti M35 Hybrid

(looks pretty smooth)

Infiniti 2012 M35 Hybrid interior with right wheel steering

(don’t pay attention to the steering wheel being on the wrong side lol)

Also from reading the article, it would seem that the Lexus GS400 H isn’t selling to well. Can’t imagine why its not doing well. I tried to do a limited search on the subject and found nothing to link to. Personally the GS series for Lexus is the most popular and best looking 4 door they got and it quite popular in NYC  (but that doesn’t mean its that popular around the US)

(a look at Lexus GS400 Hybrid for comparison)

(Infiniti M35… no hybrid but its still a M)

The new hybrid from Infiniti isn’t coming until 2012, of which will be the year the world ends so I am not sure how releasing this car then will make a difference, but hey, I’ll try to drive it for the 4 months that we all have left until the end…. or maybe we won’t get there because of the riots that will happen after the worst action movie that everybody will see comes out next year (I am looking at you 2012)

Infiniti G37 Convertible Video Review from Kelley Blue Book

(I love it… but rather hace the hardtop)

(4 wheel adaptive steering… word)

The 2011 Infiniti M Virtual Reveal Video

(incredibly long winded but worth the wait)