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100 Best Places To Live

And the winners are…
1. Louisville, CO
2. Chanhassen, MN
3. Papillion, NE
4. Middleton, WI
5. Milton, MA
6. Warren, NJ
7. Keller, TX
8. Peachtree City, GA
9. Lake St. Louis, MO
10. Mukilteo, WA

Think its time to move for real. they also have a Google Map of the 10 top  places as well. The whole list (in slideshow form) is here and the full list is here.

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dubia Is Looking Good

For those of us who got that money, they may be interested in living or at least staying temporarily at this hotel/tower being built on what once was just ocean.  One living quarters (penthouse actually) in the tower is going for 30 Million. While that may sound like allot for many people, it will probably end up being a bargain for others willing to live and play on the new island of Palm Jumeriah at Dubai.

I don’t know if I would want to live there, but it looks like a great place to visit.

As seen on Luxist.com (another favorite site of mine to go to): Trump Plans $30 Million Dubai Penthouse

They have way more info and way more pics of other Trump projects so check it out.

Most Affordable Housing Markets – aka Maybe Your Should Move

This is for the truly grown and sexy. If you live in NYC, you know the cost to live here is out of this world. The 12,000 dollars I pay in rent (and believe me that is not the average cost of rent here) in 5 years could pay for half of my mortgage (more actually). Believe me, I think I am going to move LOL. Now that is going to be a long drive home every weekend (cause I wouldn’t be going home everyday… that’s too crazy).

Move my sister and my Mom in the house, get some renters (maybe college students – and their parents pay the rent – to live there), or maybe start a day care. Got plans man, hope you do too.h

Link: National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index: Most Affordable Housing Markets