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The Supply Side Revolution from the Kudlow Report

Ok everyone, I think this is an important video to watch. This is what I was taught when I took that economics course. This is what most people are taught… even those politicians who seem to say otherwise. I know we all have our political views, but I bet we can all agree one one thing: The US government needs to give us more of our own money back. Stop taxing us to “create wealth” somewhere else, let us do it. Lower taxes during a recession, not increase it, give businesses the ability to re-invest in themselves so they can hire more people and buy more products, allow people to start their own business easily, get us as much of those tax dollars you can spare and le us recover the economy.Period

Make the economic pie bigger, don’t just slice the one we have into more parts.

The new normal indeed… Watch the video, especially the first minute.

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Lets be grown about this. Let us really and TRULY get all sides of this and what is going on. I can tell you right now that we may be in for some trouble if our government continues to spend money it doesn’t have and print money just to pay its own debts (while at the same time devaluing the dollar… those gas prices are going to go up again, but not because oil is more expensive, it because you dollar is worth less than it was)

One thing to really remember (and I am going to write about this in detail one day), the reason why the American middle class is shrinking is not just because the rich are getting richer; It is because the money we earn is worth less and less. For people with millions (especially high net worth earners), it doesn’t matter as much, but for us, it matter allot.

Political Corner: The New White House.gov Reality Check on Health Care

(its great that we have people in the White House who are willing to dicuss)

After listening to this I feel a little bit better about the plan… but there is just one issue I have when it comes to the question of rashining of care. I will agree that it already happens and even to some extent in the governments Medicaid/Medicare program, but I think the question people have about rationing is truely this: If, and let me say the word again, If, the cost of this government insurance option ends up costing billions or even trillions of dollars more than projected, will there be a possibility of rationing? If there is rationing, how will it work? If the cost ends up being so high AND there is another recession, what happens?

We need to know the positives AND negatives of the plan and mediate the negatives.

Sadly, this particular video does not asnwer this question which is what many opponents and even people who WANT health care reform are truely asking. What happens if… it costs more than the 1.4 Trillion dollars… What happens if… the government is caught with its pants down and can not pay for the people who are on the plan…  If the White House and anyone else who truely wants health care reform to happen, then these “what if” scenerios need to be answered.

You can always plan to succeed, but also prepare for failure.

Lets be grown out there people… don’t  get violent, but discuss this issues. Lets also be sexy… look really good while your asking thoe questions in your designer footwear and in style fashion sense.

So Is This What Is Happening In The USA?

(if this is all “lets try this”, then why is it happening?)

With everything that was said, especially by the Judge (that’s what the call him), why is it that  no one has been able to stop what they are talking about? Why hasn’t anyone who has gone to court to fight it win? And what is all this talk of Fascism? lol What happened to calling Democrats socialists?

I do agree with one thing: Note and Secured Bond holders should always be first, stockholder second and all others third. It has been that way for a while and many businesses as well as investors depend on that being the case in order to assess risck. Legally that is how it is suppossed to go down. Changing that without cactually changing the law is not a good move at all. I am not into all of the fear talk, but if you want to here more listen below.

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As seen on Autoblog Gallery
As seen on Autoblog Gallery

(^^^ how can you not like this ^^^)

Somebody actually did a review of the Camaro (from the company that we all own in one way or another) that is saying that the car isn’t as great as everyone may thing it is. It may, get this, only be truly liked by Camaro lovers, but the general public may not like the car.


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We’re Just Not That Into You – Political Cartoon


(you have to just see the rest of this thing… FUNNY lol)

(maybe Obama she read it too so he can deal with the Republicans)

Political Corner: They Just Keep Spending Our Money Don’t They?

(will the revolution be televised this time?)

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, why do these guys continue to just spend, spend and spend? They guy in the video isn’t from here, but it certainly is ringing true and is the reason why the video is SUPER POPULAR right now. Last week the treasury just decided to print court 1 Trillion dollars more. Just print. Think about gold or diamonds or that high scale restaurant that has a 3 -4 month waiting list (unless you are a super star of course)… you got that in your head right now? Ok, now thing of these items being multiplied a billion times.

So now you have a billion more diamonds, a billion more high scale restaurants to go to other than the one you originally wanted and a billion more gold nuggets. Would you still PAY 100 dollars to get in a restaurant that you could just go down the block to? Would that diamond be as special if every person in the US could have 3 of them and their would still be some left over?

Now that was for a billion more diamonds and gold nuggets… now multiply that 10 times more to 1 Trillion.

You see the problem?  You could literally line the streets with gold and no one would take a second look because gold would be as plentiful as copper, wood, and rubber.

It gets worst because, as you may already know, we spent even more than that before we printed out this new money.

I don’t know what is going to happen but I did learn one thing about all of this ad that there are 2 economic theories at play here. One is Keynesian economics and the other is the Austrian School of Economics. I am definaitly going to read the Astrian version to see what I am missing. Let you know what I find when I do.

Text of Obama’s Speech With Video

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