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Gran Turismo Is Loooking Real Good: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

(and the hi-res gallery on Autoblog looks real good)

I Swear ENOUGH With Mario Brothers Already

(why am I so obsessed? lol)

(speaking of mario brothers)

(Mario brothers for the Wii)

Nerd Alert: Super Mario Goes Bananas Over Mushrooms

(very old video, but still funny as hell)

I Will Believe It When I See It: New Xbox PROJECT NATAL

(if they make it, I will come)


Nerd Alert: If You Like Video games… ALLOT… You Like This Video

(it looks like he may have a problem)

Homeless SIMS: Their names Are Alice and Kev

Homeless SIMS - are you kidding me

Somehow and someway, the homeless issue has made its way to the SIMS game. And this entry isn’t just some aimless character that just hangs out somewhere while you play the game, these 2 people have stories.

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“PSP Go” Stops All Other Portable Gamers

PSP Go first hands-on

(the PSP Go is a GO)

The next generation for sony portables is coming our way. Looks pretty sweet  and it will proabably keep the kids and the guy in your life quiet (but probably too small for my hands).

Source: Engadget.com

I Have To Get The PS3 For Christmas – Grand Turismo Trailer

(oh I just LOVE driving games)

The game also will be on the new PSP portable called PSP Go (I don’t like the name… why not just leave it and call it the PSP 2?) I am sure you want to see what the new PSP Go will look like wo here it is:

Good grief these poeple just want me to keep on spending money!

OutRun Is Back? Now All I Ask For Is A Return Of SpyHunter

(please oh please I want this so bad!!!)

Sega's Outrun Is Back

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Gargantugame Pro Arcade Game… for those who got game


If you have an extra 4 Thousand to $4300 handing around your house (wallet) you can have this a piece of the past. Those who are grown and sexy have to remember going to the arcades. I do have one question though:

How is that anyway near related to a old school arcade game from the 80’s? I think Amazon needs to work on that related product algorithm. (By the way… I like this right here… not for me of course, for my hot looking woman.. yeah, that’s it)

You see it? Its also a computer!!! LOL Very good.