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Is TomTom’s iPhone Car Kit Worth $120???

tomtom iPhone GPS

(what? 120 bucks and the iPhone app is sold separately?)

For a grand total of 120 dollars, tax not included, you get a fancy holder for your iPhone that hopefully enhances the GPS signal enough for it to be accurate enough to drive with. Somehow TomTom forgot to include the actul appthat will need to run on the iPhone in order to use it into the over all price. If they did the price would go up about 99 dollars because that is how much the app costs.

So the question is: is it worth buying all of this when you can get a stand alone GPS kit at close to the same price? For some I am sure the answer is yes. For me, the answer is no. The iPhone battery has enough to handle from music to video and games and all types of other apps. I think I will leave the car navigation to a particular self contained unit that is just for navigation.

Of course this is all for naught if you already have this installed into your car like many cars and trucks do have as an option.