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SwissBike and Montague Folding Bike (now with demo video) and the Schwinn S -25 Dual Suspention Bike

[a very interesting bike right here]

[and yes I plan on getting it sometime next year April]

2008 Paratrooper Mountain BIKE


[Now Isn’t That Just The Best Thing You Saw Today?]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “SwissBike Folding Bike Demo“, posted with vodpod

This is one awesomely freaking cool bike! I think its been out there for a while, but I guess I didn’t take notice of it until today after applying for my ZipCar

2009 Models: SwissBike XO[crazy expensive – Bet $799 and $2000 – but worth it]

Schwinn S-25 Dual Suspention Bike


I wanted to get like 3 different bikes.One to ride around Brooklyn (and beyond) in just to take pictures and video of cool places, the others would be for long distance riding, workouts, and any bike tours I end up doing. the last like was for travel and to ride to work.

Now I can just get 2 bikes. One for just casual riding around and the other (the folding bike from Swissgear and Montague) for long rides, workouts and riding to work.

If you want  to do the same thing then its gonna cost you 250 for the Schwinn from Target and around 800 dollars for the Paratrooper Floding Mountian bike from Montague. While I am sure the folding bike pricie will stay the same, the bke from Target will probably be reduced if you wait for the winter or decide to buy it next year (same model – Schwinn S-25). I know enough about bikes to know that this is what usually happens when you buy a buy from a chain store like Toys R Us or Target.

Nevertheless I am still getting my bike tomorrow, but I do have other reasons to get it than just casual riding  and taking pictures of Brooklyn (more on that in the fututre). If you guys want to get your folding bike on visit Montague or Swissgear’s websites. It not only a bike you can really travel with, but get some exercise with. Sounds like a good investment (hmmmm… I hear people saying how something is a good investment, but just keep in mind that a investment is as only as good as the investor who make it worth something)