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Time to take a cruise… Oasis of the Seas

(now that is a big boat)

After seeing all the previews and the grand opening, I have to admit that I want to be on that boat. Personally I rather be on a smaller ship (like the ones that the Circle Line has in NYC) where I can see the water and the sky rather quickly and notice any problems coming along. Nevertheless, the Oasis (of which cost 1.2+ Billion dollars to build) makes me want to plan a trip for the family and go.

I am not a water kind of guy, but this may have me taking swimming lessons

More Houseboats

schwimmhaus houseboat by architects confused-direction

(this better be on a very placid lake)

(and don’t have an earthquake)

Seven House Boats That You May Want To Look At

How to Write a Check: How to Balance Your Checkbook from eHow.com

It may be embarrassing but many people many not really know how to write a check or balance their checkbook. usually its the parents who teach you this as a kid, but if the parent doesn’t know or if the parent did teach the kid and the kid forgot… well, money issues seem to be a problem in the American household so here is something for those who may want an update on how to write a check and balance your checkbook (yes I know, balancing your check book is more complex than what the video shows, but its a simple video on what to do)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Tech: Sex Offender App Hits The iPhone… only to be taken away later

sex offender app

(now this can be a useful app for any phone)

(too bad it was removed)

Political Corner: No Death Panels

(FINALLY a reponse to a direct question)

So I am going over the Health Care debate and what’s in it and what’s not in it… its is bringing up very specific questions for me and I guess others who, while they want health care reform, do not believe the government can run it well. Anyway, it looks like one asnwer has been given about end of life counselling. From what she states it seems like just what it should b, that you should, if you want to, be able to talk to your doctor about how you want it all to end.

For some reason medicaid/medicare didn’t pay for that, but it will after the bill is passed.

The only thing for me is that how come you couldn’t do that in a normal doctors visit? Do you have to have a special visit to the doctor just for this? And if you do medicaid (and apparently plenty of for profit health care insurances) won’t be paying for it… but exactly how would they know that I went just for that?

In any event, I am glad thtis question for me is resolved. While it does bring up other questions (like the ones above), at least its not the outragous “death panel” that we keep hearing from the right (sadly it still doesn’t asnwer the question of if… IF… we go into another recession or the cost of the bill rises astronomically, how will we bring health care to everyone then and how will the limied money be allocated).

Until next time! And remeber, be grown, be sexy! Don’t just look good, do good; be involved and educate yourself.

Political Corner: The New White House.gov Reality Check on Health Care

(its great that we have people in the White House who are willing to dicuss)

After listening to this I feel a little bit better about the plan… but there is just one issue I have when it comes to the question of rashining of care. I will agree that it already happens and even to some extent in the governments Medicaid/Medicare program, but I think the question people have about rationing is truely this: If, and let me say the word again, If, the cost of this government insurance option ends up costing billions or even trillions of dollars more than projected, will there be a possibility of rationing? If there is rationing, how will it work? If the cost ends up being so high AND there is another recession, what happens?

We need to know the positives AND negatives of the plan and mediate the negatives.

Sadly, this particular video does not asnwer this question which is what many opponents and even people who WANT health care reform are truely asking. What happens if… it costs more than the 1.4 Trillion dollars… What happens if… the government is caught with its pants down and can not pay for the people who are on the plan…  If the White House and anyone else who truely wants health care reform to happen, then these “what if” scenerios need to be answered.

You can always plan to succeed, but also prepare for failure.

Lets be grown out there people… don’t  get violent, but discuss this issues. Lets also be sexy… look really good while your asking thoe questions in your designer footwear and in style fashion sense.

100 Best Places To Live

And the winners are…
1. Louisville, CO
2. Chanhassen, MN
3. Papillion, NE
4. Middleton, WI
5. Milton, MA
6. Warren, NJ
7. Keller, TX
8. Peachtree City, GA
9. Lake St. Louis, MO
10. Mukilteo, WA

Think its time to move for real. they also have a Google Map of the 10 top  places as well. The whole list (in slideshow form) is here and the full list is here.

Is College Affordable Anymore?

The cost of a 4-year college
Public Private
Annual tuition and required fees, 2005-06 $5,351 $19,292
Growth in tuition and fees beyond inflation, 1995-2005 51% 36%
Median debt upon graduation $15,500 $19,400

Source: Department of Education, Spellings Commission report

degree holder earn more

So is it time to NOT go to school? Has the cost of school gone up so high that the pay increase you do get after you get the degree isn’t enough to pay for the loans? Even if you go for free, either with student financial aid, the school pays  or Mom and Dad pay – or some combination, is it worth not working full time for the next 4-6 years until you finish school?

Here is a quote from the article (if you are planning to go to school or planning to send your child, this is a must read):

Consider two childhood friends, Ernie and Bill. Hard workers with helpful families, each saves exactly $16,594 for college. Ernie doesn’t get accepted to a school he likes. Instead, he starts work at 18 and invests his college savings in a mutual fund that tracks the broad stock market.Throughout his life, he makes average yearly pay for a high school graduate with no college, starting at $15,901 after taxes and peaking at $32,538. Each month, he adds to his stock fund 5% of his after-tax income, close to the nation’s current savings rate. It returns 8% a year, typical for stock investors.

Bill has a typical college experience. He gets into a public college and after two years transfers to a private one. He spends $49,286 on tuition and required fees, the average for such a track. I’m not counting room and board, since Bill must pay for his keep whether he goes to college or not. Bill gets average-size grants, adjusted for average probabilities of receiving them, and so pays $34,044 for college.

He leaves school with an average-size student loan and a good interest rate: $17,450 at 5%. The $16,594 he has saved for college, you see, is precisely enough to pay what his loans don’t cover.

But wait there more.

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When You Want The Best Wedding Cake Ever


(you should see these cakes!!!)

(eat it? no, frame it and put it in the livingroom)

This has to be the craziest cake I have ever seen (well not really but its pretty close). You can see more from the guy who made this particular cake here at WeddingCakes.com (how did he get that url??? lol).

Here is more info:

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Homeless SIMS: Their names Are Alice and Kev

Homeless SIMS - are you kidding me

Somehow and someway, the homeless issue has made its way to the SIMS game. And this entry isn’t just some aimless character that just hangs out somewhere while you play the game, these 2 people have stories.

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