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Just Cavalli – Zebra Heart Earings

Just Cavalli - Zebra Heart Earings

For $122 Dollars Seen On eLuxury

Maison Martin Margiela Plexi Wedge Suede Pump on eLuxury

MMM Plexi Wedge ON SALE for $419.00 (Original 695.00)

I’m back ladies and gentleman. And I will be posting with a vengeance soon enough. I still want to set up a few things with this blog (and my other blog) and then TAKE OVER THE BLOGGING WORLD MUHAHAHAHA

Anyway, here is a little shoe lovely for the ladies who are grown and sexy and are trying to take over the world too. I am not sure if this would hurt the feet, but it sure does look good.

As seen on eLuxury.com on sale for $419.00 (it costs allot to be super sheik and original doesn’t it LOL)

High End Heeled Sandal from Maison Martin Margiela

Not exactly sure why its called sandals cause they look like freakin complete shoes. I mean, so what there isn’t anything around the toes except a big toe strap? LOL I seen these on The.LIFE files weblog. They didn’t have a link to the shoe sandals so I had to COMPLETELY SCOWER the internet for them… and I found them!

They are on eLuxury for $595.00 and yes they are very expensive sandals. The best part if that they have other colors. Here is the description they have on the site:

Throughout his career, Martin Margiela has maintained a low profile, seeking to focus on his groundbreaking work rather than his fame. This discretion is reflected in Margiela’s elegant, forward-thinking designs. Originally from Leuven, Belgium, Margiela is an original member of the legendary Antwerp Six fashion collective, and formerly designed for Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermés before launching his Paris-based collections.

If I was a women, I would get them. I mean they are made in Italy for crying out loud. NOT ALLOT OF SIZES LEFT so if you are going to get them, you better do it now.