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Architecture: Portable, Prefab & Recycled Cargo Container Home

BEFORE TRANSFORMATION - Portable, Prefab & Recycled Cargo Container Home

(you will never guess what this looks like open)

Ever wanted to live in  old recycled cargo container? You dream of saying, “Well, I gotta go back to my container down the road next to the railroad tracks cause if I aint home by 6, the wife will just kill me.”?

If that (and other off the wall thoughts) is what you are thinking, then maybe this is the right thing for you. Continue reading

Bentley Continental Supersports = $267,000

Bentley Continental Supersports

(now this is one good looking car)

(you got the money, they’ll give you a car)

Quote from Autoblog about this wonderfully expensive car that is you have to ask how much its costs, you probably can’t afford it:

The ethanol-capable Conti is not only a sign of Bentley technology to come, it also provides the first clues to the next generation Continental, which we were told “isn’t far off.” Orders can be placed beginning in October, though the first couple hundred units earmarked for the U.S. will be gas-only, with the full on flex-fuel model arriving Stateside summer of 2010.

Ahhhh so its Green too? Sign me up! Sure, its still a gas guzzler but not as much gas is being guzzled as itcould have been.

Also keep in mind that most of the people who get these type of cars barely drive them also should be considered.

You Probably Already Saw This But… Kim Kardashian On The Cover Of Complex Green Issue

(now this is interesting…. green, green everywhere)

So this issue is going to be green h’uh? If it ends up being true, maybe  I will get one. Haven’t gotten a magazine in months, so I guess this will be the first.

As a side note, you know what I was wondering? How someone who we can see completely naked, having sex with someone else, can still be in the lime light? Remember it was not too long ago that if something like this happened it was the end of your career.

I was also thinking about how the line is blurring bewteen who is A list and who is B list and so forth. I think this is mainly due to the internet (social media) and those reality shows that are so  popular (they annoy me quite frankly for the most part)