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Rihanna and Chris Brown… The Drama Continues

Rihanna's Face After Abuse - TMZ

(Rihanna battered and abused after fight with Chris Brown)

(as seen on TMZ)

So what you see above is suppossed to be the real deal pictures. TMZ put it down and people are wondering if this is a fake shot like the other ones or the real deal. I think this is the real deal and makes Chris Brown look like a total monster.

I personally think they can both recover (mostly because they are both young), but the most important thing is that I hope they both face the issue and become leading avocates of this type of violence. I think that would be the only grown thing to do. It is much to ask of kids (even though they both are over 18) but I think both of them have the support to be able to do it.

My message to Rihanna and Chris Brown is that once you guys pull it together for yourselves and your families, get the message out about domestic violence.