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(for $260 dollars you can have this)

(blast from the past… the retro movement continues…)

And those headphones that Dr Jays shows next to the radio also look pretty sweet. At 60 dollars though, they better sound good.

Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network

As seen on Dr. Jays blog (nice blog that is not all about telling you whats on sale at Dr Jay’s LOL) there was an event a few days ago for the grand coming out party for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and Dr Jays did some brief interviews with those involved and such. I think this (and the move Ashanti did a few days ago) is great. While I am sure many people who made it do their best to give back, albeit quietly, I love to hear stuff like this that shows people who made it giving back in a very public way. McLyte, a person who graduated from one of the schools elementary schools I went to, is a Executive Board Member!!! (Yes IN CAPS lol) And check out who else is part of this. AND  ALL THESE WOMEN LOOK HOT!!!! Got to love that too 😉

For those who are truly grown and sexy, you do give back to help others get to where you are and maybe past where you are in life. Now that is one major part of being grown AND sexy.

How many times to I have to say grown and sexy for you to get it? lol

As seen on Dr. Jays (get way more info than you wanted from there): Interviews with Melyssa Ford, MC Lyte and more

Asanti Declares Herself and Wants The Ladies To Join In



Ashanti and Akademiks (as seen on Dr. Jays) has teamed up for some special edition t-shirts . The whole idea works around promoting this online site (that I hope isn’t just something they are doing for her album) called I Declare Me of which is about youths expressing themselves on violence, voting, domestic voilence and so forth (is for the ladies, but I think everybody should be allowed in).

From Dr. Jays:

“I believe in women’s empowerment and standing up for what you believe in,” says Ashanti. “‘I Declare Me’ is a campaign that addresses issues facing young people today such as voting, domestic violence, discrimination and eating disorders.

“I’m happy Akademiks has partnered with me on this project by creating the official ‘I Declare Me’ t-shirts,” she continues. “Get the shirt, wear the shirt and declare yourself, love yourself – ‘Declare Me’.”

I think this is an insightful site that SHOULD last longer than just a promotional push for a album. This is not something that should be just a commercial, this should be something that keeps getting attention and focus and hopefully support from Ashanti. I mean, everything you do doesn’t have to work out, but that don’t mean you don’t try.

The t-shirts are available only at www.Akademiks.com.

Fight the power!!!

Todd Smith Wants Even MORE Clothing Lines

As seen on Dr. Jays, LL Cool J aka Todd Smith is creating another clothing line (other as in other than the the fashion line Todd Smith). This is probably old news if you follow the gossip na dfashion sites, but I figured I would give an opinion too albeit late.

Not sure its a good idea, but if other clothing lines can have the couture line and the everybody else line under one design house, then why not celebrity artist who start clothing lines?

Its a little tired considering that everybody seems to want to create a clothing line and make it national (I think it would be better to stay local, get in the best cultural shops that are in and build hype), but the music biz aint doing to well so you goto diversify.

Anyway, I want to see this new clothing line from LL is doing with Sears. Why, though, are they calling it LL Cool J for Sears? That is like saying Phat Farm for Walmart or 50 Cent at Target. For a taste of what LL has with his Todd Smith line, you can see it at Dr. Jays (or anywhere else they sell it).