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FIRST DRIVE: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8…. I want it!

(an interesting and I am convinced it is the muscle car for the grown)

The World’s BEST 2009 Widebody Dodge Challenger

(if your trying for the muscle ook, the Dodge Challenger is the way to go)

I really wanted the Camaro (cause it looks better), but the Challenger is just begging to be customized more; So is the Ford Mustang. In he end, I think I will most definitly be going with the Challenger. It will be the 6th car on my list of top 5 wants… yes I know, top 6 does not include number 6, but I have some runers up that just have to be included.

I Am Joining The Air Force: U.S.A.F. Builds 2 Crazy Custom Pony Cars For Recruiting

U.S. Air Force Mustang X-1

U.S. Air Force Mustang X-1

(very nice and very stylish while not being too brash)


U.S Air Force Challenger Vapor

U.S Air Force Challenger Vapor

(just brash period… but I still like it lol)


This is why I love me some Autoblog lol!!! This right here makes me want to buy a Mustang… ok actually it doesn’t but I do have to givea thumbs up to anyone who has one cause they do look good. As for the Dodge Challeneger (second picture) I think its a little (ok, actually way) over the top but has many elements that I just love including the gull wing, rims, and the matte finish.

And now for the interiors (and more pics):

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