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A Really Big Greenhouse: 8-Story Antigravity Forest Facade

8-Story Antigravity Forest Facade

(can’t wait until I go back to architecture school… I need to design these things)

Archiecture: Ultramodern Water Houses in Dubai

Luxury Living on the Water

(now that’s a view!!!)

Now of course why would I want to live in a regular house when I can live in this? Talk about a water mansion! And it only gets better at Dubia:

The island of Nurai is one of the latest of Dubai developments to catch the fancy of foreign visitors and potential investors. While much of the expansion of Dubai has slowed there is still an enormous amount of money moving through it. The residences shown here (above) feature bridge-only accessibility, rooftop decks complete with private pools and countless other luxurious amenities (source Dornob)


Source: Dornob

Because The 2 Car Garage Isn’t Enough…

(this is just plain cool)

Architecture: 136 Amazing Approaches to Architecture

Amazing Campus Designs(amazing campuses on WebUrbanist)

WebUrbanist has this wonderful list of Architectual marvels (and the like) from around the world. Of course the list is broken down into sub categories. My favorite is the Biggest Moving Project In the World Continue reading

4 Chairs And A Table Do Fit In A Box

The Offi Paket Table

(why? just because – its yours for $499.99)

Architecture: Crystal Clear by C.F.Moller and Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter

Crystal Clear by C.F.Moller and Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter

(one fly ass design)

Called Crystal Clear, the winning design features towers composed of consists of stacked glazed boxes. The development totals approx. 90,000 m2 of offices, commercial space and possibly housing, located at one of Oslo’s most valuable sites, the former postal sorting office adjacent to the central station.

I don’t think there is any reason why I wouldn’t want to move into this place…

Source: Denzeen.com


This has to be the coolest thing I have seen on the internet in days. As someone who is sort of into Architecture and real estate, I find this sooooo cool!!! Look at what buildings he picked to be in this collage of buildings. From The World Trade Center to that really cool building that I can’t remember the name of right now to the Brooklyn Bridge.

For more pictures and info, click the link below. Very grown and sexy to be into architecture and the built environment (why? cause you live in it lol)

City of Toothpicks | He also stole all my toothpicks :@ « Omg OWNED!!$#%$$@! =p