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Ford Is Trying To Get Those Sales Up

Ford is doing it up for Mustang

(that doesn’t look half bad)

Ford got this thing currenly online that allows you to transform your boring (well not that boring) Ford Mustang into a freakin beast. I settled for something muscle like but still subtle, but you can take it to another level if you wish. Rims, wings, shilds, tats… its all there. You can even change the COLORS of the rims and other parts.

Ford Mustang customized... Green Mean

(love the green… but the puple calls me)

Mustang Customized

Check it out.

Because The 2 Car Garage Isn’t Enough…

(this is just plain cool)

2 Door Range Rover

I still say that this is what land rover should have done in the first place. I guess that is just my (and everybody else’s) opinion. As seen on Street Knowledge Media and the.Life Files.com