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Because Your Kids Need To Get Online Too: Netpal Eee Netbook For Kids


(this is one cool netbook laptop)

I know that there are some parents out there that won’t let there kids near a computer without being there to watch them. This laptop maybe the answer for them (and I do mean maybe). Its got the Disney name behind it so maybe its worth a look-see.

More on this when they come out with the netbook. I really want to see this interface (and hope it was made by the people at Stardock or maybe The Skins Factory)

Source: Gizmodo.com

I’m Just Not Cool Enough To be A MAC Person – MS New Commercial

(oh no they didn’t !!!!)

This may actually work for Microsoft. The economy, fears of the new great depression (or at least a great recession) has put some of Macintosh’s offerings out of reach for many people.

Looking cool is no longer affordable.

So getting the MAc 17″ for 2Grand may be too much at this time… so why not get a HP running Vista? lol Hey, if a red head is not cool enough for a Mac, neither am I. Despite this commercial, I still plan on getting my 2 Mac computers; one will be a laptop (but not the 2,000 one lol) and the other will be the use desktop Mac from PerScholas). For the used desktop I still have to by the OS (PerScholas can sell the used computer but not with the OS). I want the Mac desktop for my more private info… and I don’t have to worry about hackers continuoisly trying to engage my system. No don’t get me wrong, Macs are just as vonerable to outside viruses as PC but most of thos individuals who make the programs to take over your computer tend to go for PC because most people have them.

Mac or PC

So in this economy (that seems to have hit bottom… stock matket went from 6500 to 7500 and is staying there, and housing sales are on the rise) will you get a PC over a Mac like she did? She got a 17″ HP for what looked like 700 dollars with lots of Ram and CPU power for less than a G note.

But before you go, read this quote from Fortune CNN blog:

  • “Lauren” is an actress, not the ordinary American shopper the ad claims
  • The Apple Store scene was faked; before-and-after photos suggest that she never actually went into the store to try the computers
  • The $699 HP Pavillion dv7 she chose over a $999 MacBook is a mess. “It is the epitome of what people dislike about PCs,” writes Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub. “It runs Vista Home on a slow AMD mobile processor … its screen is abysmal … its networking is five years old … it is loaded with crapware and trial antivirus software that will have to be purchased or wiped off the machine.” (link)

Source: Apple 2.0 – Fortune CNN Blog

…or maybe you should just go for a Linux laptop using Ubuntu?

Windows 7: The Next Version of Windows – First Official Photos on Gizmodo

Windows Vista hasn’t caught on. In fact, I don’t even plan on getting it unless I actually buy a new computer for my business start up and I am only getting it because I want to see what it can do (or not do). Besides, how can I do consulting in media and tech if I don’t know what stuff can and can’t do? lol

For me the bottom line with windows 7 is if they do not have a working database driven operating system (what they planned on having for Vista but dropped), then it is still not worth switching. the future is data retrieval and information creation. Using the old file type system for searching data just won’t cut it when it would be far better to use database clustering.

Anyway, pictures of the new system are at Gizmodo. Link below.

Windows 7: First Official Photos