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HTC Touch Pro 2 – One Hawt Phone

HTC Touch Pro2

(yes, I said I wanted the Palm Pre or Touch HD)

(but I really want this phone)

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HTC Touch Diamond – Looking Good Fellas

HTC Touch Diamond2

(lets make it happen HTC)

The Metallic Engraved Edition for HTC Touch HD from more

Metallic series Engraved Edition for HTC Touch HD - HT01-003 by more

(smooth cover for the HTC Touch HD by more.)

You know, I have yet to do any reviews of the devices I currently own, want to own, or I am thinking about testing out. I don’t have many phones but I sure to want to do a in depth review of the phones, gadgets and computer hardware and software that I have purchased (in particular some of the things I have purchased for my business)…. I have said all of that to say one thing


Well at least from a distance.

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The Noel Collection for iPhone 3G/3GS From more

Noel Collection for iPhone 3G3GS - AP05-021 by more

(this is one slick looking add-on to the iPod)

Looks sheek and stylish…

without putting a dent in your pocket


People Seem To Like The Instint Call Phone… I’m sort of indifferent

What do you think? I am not impressed and still think the iPhone is better. Maybe if they use the Opera browser for mobile phones then maybe I would be on board.

Anyway, I am still getting the Centro and the iPhone. Now I just have to decide which phone company I should pick. AT&T or Sprint (yes I know the iPhone isn’t Sprint but I’m willing to wait for it to be on Sprint lol)