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Maserati Quattroporte S – Luxury So Good Its A Saloon… Not A Car


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Now this is one fantastic lxury car for those who are grown. lets face it, drive this down a normal neighborhood and most people wouldn’t even know what type of car it is. most people would probably screw up the name that is if they would bother to even notice the vehicle.

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

(looks best in black or that silverish grey… won’t recommend the burnt yellow)

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

(the back is very understated – in other words its not that fantastic)


(as usual with luxury cars, the interiors are fantastic)


(one hot ride)

Its one of the cars on the top ten cars to get if your grown and sexy for 2009 (list to come out later this October). yes its sort of late in the year for it, but I  figure why not. Next year though it will come out early Spring 2010. Don’t be mad if the same cars keep showing up on the list because they are just too hot.

Head over to Maserati to find out more about their cars. That drop top is pretty good looking as well. May take the BMW 3 series drop top coupe out of my favorite drop top… guess there should be a comparison post on that later.

BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept


BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept

(as seen on Autoblog.com)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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And it gets even better. The doors, the look, the style… totally for those who love the drive  while also doing something for the enviornment. So head to Autoblog for more. Also check out MotorTrend for more pics


BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Front Motion


(freakin AWESOME)

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Autos: BMW S.X concept

bmw sx concept

(all I have to say is wow)

Source: AutoMotto.com

Autos: BMW 7 Series 750i for 2010

BMW 7 Series 750i

(but will it beat the Mercedes Benz S Class? see gallery pics on Autoblog)

(video of the 2009 BMW)

(side view video… not back view, side view)

(and yes they are driving on the wrong side… just watch the video)