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Impossible Celebrity Couples on Worth1000

Halle Berry and Grant

(wow, that sort of looks natural)

(I knew Halle was an old soul)

Gwen + Chaplin

And I am telling you, there are some policitcal swipes in there as well as some John Wayne is gay/brokeback mountian jokes as well. Some are funny, while others are not so funny (and others just look wierd). Continue reading

Beyonce World Takeover According to Forbes Magazine

Beyonce arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards held -- Feb. 22, 2009.

(Beyonce’s Entertainment Empire… sounds a little scary)

(and yes that is a House of Dereon dress she is wearing)

Some how she turned herself from just a singer and into a brand. Earning money left and right and her clothing line is doing well with high end couture as well as mass market clothes. So how does she do it? Forbes attempts to mind someones else’s business to find out.

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Beyonce: Making of Sweet Dreams

(somewhere in Brooklyn…)


I Am… Tour IS in EFFECT

Obsessed Trailer – This Movie Might Actually Be Really Good

[clearspring_widget title=”Obsessed Trailer” wid=”49b01fbb62d9f145″ pid=”49d9b81153e6c3be” width=”320″ height=”164″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

Wow, this movie is looking pretty good…and yes, I still wish Beyonce was the one Obsessed, but hey, it might work out for the best anyway. And the website they made for the movie is pretty clean too.

Oh and that “Get Obsessed with Ali” probably is pushing it on the social interactive level, but its still cool I guess lol

And dude, what out for that Obsessed chat pop up! She gets bananas if you don’t answer her, and she sends you pictures!  Here are some of the picture of my chat:


(loving her as a friend just isn’t good enough for her) Continue reading

Is This Why People Hate On Beyonce So Much???

Kelly Roland

(so is it true that they did Kelly dirty?)

First read if on Crunk and Disorderly (of which seems to want to breath fire on everywhere Beyonce walks, so they may not be a unbiased source of information lol) and CD linked back to Global Grind (never really visit there much so I don’t know about them but I think I will start watching them).

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can say one thing, I love me some Kelly!!! Goodness, I would ask her out in a second. 6′ 2″ and no drama!

But the point of all of this writing is this: Why do people hate on Beyonce so much? Does anybody have a idea? Is she really mean behind the scenes? Is that why people try their best to bring out stories that will probably only hurt those involved more than help? I just find nothing grown or sexy about any of this info, but hey, its stuff like this that made me make a blog like mine. I think we need something a little more high brow while still getting the scoop on what’s what.

But anyway, let me not get into a rant.

So Who’s Going To See OBSESSED with Beyonce Knowles?

(looks great… but I thought she was going to be the crazy one in this)

Beyonce Coming Out With A New Album

I am looking forward to hearing this Sasha version of her career.

Preview Beyonce’s Brand New Album on theLIFE.files for more info