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A Really Big Greenhouse: 8-Story Antigravity Forest Facade

8-Story Antigravity Forest Facade

(can’t wait until I go back to architecture school… I need to design these things)

Autos: BMW S.X concept

bmw sx concept

(all I have to say is wow)

Source: AutoMotto.com

Architecture: 2-story Open Glass PentHouse at 111 Mercer Street

Penthouse at 111 Mercer Street

(now that is one fine Penthouse)

Source: Curbed.com

Only For The Mature: Luxury Pleasures

jacobo munoz - luxury pleasures

(its EXACTLY what you think)

Reverse Light by mataconcrete


(thinking I may try this for my home/office/bedroom lol)


(more info here)

Source: Designboom

Flickr Friday: No Name by Dr Cullen’s photostream

No Name Dr Cullen

(this is one beautiful picture)

You know, in my newly formed business, I am trying to get my arms around how I am going to go about to changing how small businesses, start-ups and business professionals market themselves through art, visual media, web and interface design and the one thing that hit me is that I got to take pictures.

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Is This Even Real? Floating Cloud Sofa

Kootouch Floating Cloud Sofa

(because with a few million I am sure its possible)

To me, its too imposttible to be true… but could it? This is a design done by Kootouch that is getting some internet buzz. It looks like this was done for a design competition held by Yonko Design.  First saw this on a site while looking at a pair on couture shoes and eventually ended up at Boing Boing and finally to KooTouches blog.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be fun if this could be something that can be done?

A Jose Parla Interview On Walrus TV

(is it art? Is it junk? is it crime?)

I am a entrepreneur. I take the good and bad from that. The good is the creative, the bad is the time it takes to bring your creation to life. With that said, I like what this guy is doing. He is turning nothing into something. He is turning what some would consider a crime into artwork (and maybe sales later down the road).

And yes, as an artist myself (all those years in Architecture school, doing multimedia designs and photography effected me) I just LOVE how he walks around with that black frame to show us what he sees.

Make no mistake, graffiti is literally a crime due the fact that you are helping to destroy someone elses property, but there is some art and history to it and the idea that this guy took what happened and turns it into a higher form of art is amazing to me. I want all the kiddies (and adults too) to understand one thing about all of this: inspiration is all around you. While your down and out and in the process of picking yourself back up, make sure to look around. Maybe you will find a new idea too.

Originally seen on HighSob

Lets Travel: Worlds Largest Hotel On The Water

Now this is luxury!!!

I think this is something we all can get behind (as long as it floats and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). I would love to travel more myself, but so far I haven’t… actually I never left the East Coast lol Now that is a pretty limited travel experience. I think we all should see what’s out there to see and feel that there are other ways of looking at things. Nt everything is a big city or a small town.

I would love to see the floor plans for this thing. Heck, I would love to see all of the architectural drawings drawings for this (including any videos). For more, head over to The.LIFE.Files

The.LIFE Files.com: Are People Still Doing Cruises???