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Music Mondays: The Game featuring 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love it

(go ahead envy me…)

Does Pimpin Curly Go Too Far?


(think this whole calling out Rick Ross is going too far?)

Now we have a tape and some site called BooBoo TV (lmao) showing a different side of someone who Rick Ross was dating a while ago. Now you know there aint nothing grown or sexy about this so my opinion is that this is just a mess in a brown bag on fire at your doorstep. Nevertheless Dr Jays brought up the question so I figured I would bring it to your attention.

I refuse to put up a poll because there is only one real asnwer to this lol… check out the comments on Dr Jays blog.

Hip Hop Crown Jewel Auction… Crunk Aint Dead!!!

If you want the chance to own something you have seen Hip Hop artists wearing in those music videos with the jewels, cars and girls. Some of what is for sale are from such Hip Hoppers such as Missy Elliot, P Diddy, Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, and way more included Lil John “Crunk Aint Dead” piece of which weighs 12 pounds and has 3000+ round white diamonds set in 18K gold.

Some of the sales will go to Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (and to other organizations as well). Doubt i will be able to get anything, but that’s cool… In the future I will be able to!!! lol