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The Noel Collection for iPhone 3G/3GS From more

Noel Collection for iPhone 3G3GS - AP05-021 by more

(this is one slick looking add-on to the iPod)

Looks sheek and stylish…

without putting a dent in your pocket


Nex-Gen Cell Phones: The LG GD900 – TRANSPARENT!!!


(see more phones like this one here)

WOW, I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I GET MY REVIEW HAVING GRUBBY HANDS ON THIS.!!! While I am still working on the review of my HTC Tilt  handset (it works well by the way even though i thought it was going to be bad new after it crashed 2 days after I got it), nothing will stop me from getting other pda’s and reviewing them too.

This will be one of them for real.

I will be disapointed if the phone doesn’t come with the normal business features a PDA should have. This might be aimed toward the proconsumer market, nevertheless I hope it does all the things my Tilt does (and that is allot… hopefully it takes better pictures lol)

3 phones and so little time.