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Nerd Alert: 10 Minutes Of Turbo Boosting… seriously…

(and it still looks cool for some reason)

(no one was wearing SEAT BELTS and theyall should have flown out the window)

Around 7+ “Things You Never Hear”

(yeah, I know… things that make you go “why did I buy a Zune?”)

Ok, seriously, who puts commercials in front of their OWN VIDEOS??? LOL

Well, if anybody can do it, its Seth macFarlane (creator of The Family Guy). And that commercial in front of the video sure looks interesting. The Goode Family will air on ABC (aren’t they owned by Disney?)

Nerd Alert: Super Mario Goes Bananas Over Mushrooms

(very old video, but still funny as hell)

Mr. Ugly Man Spoof

(from the minds of In Living Color)

Original CHAMPION LOVER!!! Peel off!!!


Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 GET DOWN! Jackson 5 Variety Hour



Could New Episodes of THE GAME Be going To BET?


(bring back The GAME)

BET already has the reruns of the show on the channel and from what I have read the show is doing better on BET than it was on The WB. Check this quote out from Autumn Jones:

A network source of BET told BV BUZZ, that the new co-President Loretha Jones “has been aggressively working to secure the budget to make the deal a reality.”

So maybe me and my friend can spend some quality time watch what we both consider a very good show. I am no fan of BET but if they get this show back on the air, I will give them some props. maybe even start to like them again.


Yes this is recent news, as of a few days ago. Lets hope they get this going by the Fall.

Stacey Dash: One Of The Hottest Over 40 Celeb I Know

stacey dash

(sure its a little photoshopped… but still she is hawt)

(and yes King Magazine is gone now… wonder what happened?)

Check this out: when she was playing a teenager on Clueless back in 1995 but considering that she was born in 1966 this means that she was 30 playing 18-20 year old. Now of course this is sort of a norm in Hollywood, but DAMN!!!

Look at her film and TV history here. Ladies (and gentlemen) all you have to do is stay healthy, live life and be happy. Oh and Stacey did do Playboy by the way. even though she is buck naked, she did it with class, so I still give her the BG and S salute.

PS, Stacey was on Sesame Street too lol

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Reebok Voltron Package at Project


I loved this show when I was a kid. Watching it now as an adult makes me wonder why I liked it so much… but I guess sometimes that happens.

I don’t report on sneakers much here (unless they are grown and sexy APPROVED), but I had to SAY SOMETHING about good ole Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

5 different sneakers representing the 5 different lions. Now the sneaker themselves don’t look all that to me, but the whole idea and overall look is so fantastic.

I used to have the toys for this. I ACTUALLY HAD THEM IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE HOUSE much like the show and each lion had a specific place for them in the house that represented the loins background. I bet some of my cousins remember that LOL.

ummm… also, did you know that they are proposing a movie for Voltron? man, first it was He-Man, then GI Joe, now this?

If they make He-Man sneaker, I will quit this B***CH (ahhh such language).

Reebok Voltron Package at Project | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.