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Virgin Galactic 2 Space Plane

(can this be the future way to touch space?)

I will admit that I really want to take a look at Earth from what may be at a almost orbit close to space. There is something sexy and cool about being able to see much of the Earth curves, shapes of countries, and the deep blue sea. It would make a great romantic getaway.

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Nerd Alert: Life Scale Model of Gundum

(good lawd, why make this thing? lol)

2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum… Where Is It?

2009 Cadillac Escalade PLATNUIM - Autoblog

News of this release seemed to have disappeared. Maybe I missed it but its not even on the Cadillac .

If you buy your clothes by the parcel then you probably can afford this (even though no price have been given). This special Escalade with its special grill that looks allot like the new CTS will be a nice touch when you step out the suv with your band new suit from LV.

Some details about the car that I am most certain did not ever come out:

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Because Paper Speakers Are Better Than Real Ones

Paper Model Speakers(yes sound DOES come out of this)

Source: Addictive DJ Designs

Is This For Freakin REAL???

(as seen on Kayne West’s blog)

24-inch iPhone OS – Could This Be The Future For iPhone Technology?

24-inch iPhone OS

(its soooo smooth and I want it in laptop form)

Granted this is just a hack someone did… and even that is disputed… but it sure as hell looks cool!

HTC Touch Pro 2 – One Hawt Phone

HTC Touch Pro2

(yes, I said I wanted the Palm Pre or Touch HD)

(but I really want this phone)

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HTC Touch Diamond – Looking Good Fellas

HTC Touch Diamond2

(lets make it happen HTC)

Apple 3.0 + iPhone 3G S = Superman (Apparently)


(truth, justice, and a American version of the iPhone 3GS)

It looks like people are waiting for the new release of the next update for the iPhone and iPod touch. I am currently uploading the update now and (changed my mind after reading that there are problems with downloading… I will just wait till all the other people do their thing) hope that something I bought (NIKE+ Running Tracker) works with the update (which I doubt becuase I don’t have a second generation iPod touch). Anyway the reviews are fast and furious. Gizmodo has one and I am sure TechCrunch will too.

More pics and video below, just click read more 🙂

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Blackberry Storm and Bold Phone Cases from iSkin

vibes fx

(because you want your eye candy)

vibes fx - blackberry