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MobileLife: Funny Verizon Commercial

(but the iPhone still rocks as a personal phone)

An interesting iPhone App for car drivers is… interesting…

(gosh this is a awesome video!)

Netbooks… now with dual screens


(not sure what the point of this is if you wanted something small)

Really? I guess one could get more use out of a wider screen but I thought the whole idea wa that to have something that was a small form factor. After watching the video, I can see that if you dont have space, you can see one screen but if you want to do a little more work, you can slide (yes slide) the other screen out and do what you need to do.

I am sure this needs more power and therefore will probably be really bad with battery power (forget about 6hrs of usage) but hey, there is a possibility that this could work for someone out there. Take a look at the video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Don’t see any costs to this so I guess it is in development. Looks forward to reading the specs on this one.

Customized Dodge Charger Auto-PC

Dogde Charger customized PC

(I am not too sure about this one… lets hope there is some desktop customization with it as well)

Visit the main site here and they also have a Facebook page in case you wanted to follow them on there.

And it gets better. Read part of the press release:

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Apple Tablet Coming Soon… On Verizon?

apple tablet early 2010(possible tablet look?)
apple-tablet Patent 400

(old news if you follow the tech crown, but its still awesome!)

This would be a nice look if they actually do it. I love my iPod touch (that I actually bought for someone else, bu that is a long story) and I can only imagine having a bigger tablet form of it for media, learning videos, blogging and so forth; Nevermind having all those apps that are currently bulging from the Apple Store.

Now lets hope that this thing doesn’t cost 600+ dollars cause if it does, i won’t be getting it. i would much rather get my HP notepad for 800 bucks that will have windows7 on it than a bigger iPod touch for 200 dollars less. I would just rather keep my Touch or upgrade it (still waiting for Apple to add a camera to it and allow more than WiFi connectivity… I would gladly pay 50 bucks a month for online unlimited service…. and no I really don’t want a iPhone)

So will this Apple Tablet really happen? And will it be better than what others are doing including TechCrunch’s Crunchpad (another professional tablet for those who are in business for themselves or are just profesionals in a given field)?

Looks like 2010 will be a interesting year.

Could We Soon Have an iPod Touch Supersized?

apple tablet early 2010

(a pretty good wish list for what could be the iPod Touch of the future)

Rosetta Stone Announces TOTALe

Rosetta Stone TOTALe(now this might be interesting… )

May actually get this, and of course review it. Been looking for a way to learn a new language. and this looks like something that I can add to my own knowledgebase as well as learn how to communicate to otehrs who are not from the USA. It may also broaden my business ventures as well.

I will be waiting on this one.

Is TomTom’s iPhone Car Kit Worth $120???

tomtom iPhone GPS

(what? 120 bucks and the iPhone app is sold separately?)

For a grand total of 120 dollars, tax not included, you get a fancy holder for your iPhone that hopefully enhances the GPS signal enough for it to be accurate enough to drive with. Somehow TomTom forgot to include the actul appthat will need to run on the iPhone in order to use it into the over all price. If they did the price would go up about 99 dollars because that is how much the app costs.

So the question is: is it worth buying all of this when you can get a stand alone GPS kit at close to the same price? For some I am sure the answer is yes. For me, the answer is no. The iPhone battery has enough to handle from music to video and games and all types of other apps. I think I will leave the car navigation to a particular self contained unit that is just for navigation.

Of course this is all for naught if you already have this installed into your car like many cars and trucks do have as an option.

Tech: Sex Offender App Hits The iPhone… only to be taken away later

sex offender app

(now this can be a useful app for any phone)

(too bad it was removed)

BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept


BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept

(as seen on

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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And it gets even better. The doors, the look, the style… totally for those who love the drive  while also doing something for the enviornment. So head to Autoblog for more. Also check out MotorTrend for more pics


BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Front Motion


(freakin AWESOME)

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