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Nerd Alert: 3D From Sony… and no 3D glasses needed

(one cool video… you know, if your a nerd)




Apple Tablet Coming Soon… On Verizon?

apple tablet early 2010(possible tablet look?)
apple-tablet Patent 400

(old news if you follow the tech crown, but its still awesome!)

This would be a nice look if they actually do it. I love my iPod touch (that I actually bought for someone else, bu that is a long story) and I can only imagine having a bigger tablet form of it for media, learning videos, blogging and so forth; Nevermind having all those apps that are currently bulging from the Apple Store.

Now lets hope that this thing doesn’t cost 600+ dollars cause if it does, i won’t be getting it. i would much rather get my HP notepad for 800 bucks that will have windows7 on it than a bigger iPod touch for 200 dollars less. I would just rather keep my Touch or upgrade it (still waiting for Apple to add a camera to it and allow more than WiFi connectivity… I would gladly pay 50 bucks a month for online unlimited service…. and no I really don’t want a iPhone)

So will this Apple Tablet really happen? And will it be better than what others are doing including TechCrunch’s Crunchpad (another professional tablet for those who are in business for themselves or are just profesionals in a given field)?

Looks like 2010 will be a interesting year.

Could We Soon Have an iPod Touch Supersized?

apple tablet early 2010

(a pretty good wish list for what could be the iPod Touch of the future)

Windows 7: The Next Version of Windows – First Official Photos on Gizmodo

Windows Vista hasn’t caught on. In fact, I don’t even plan on getting it unless I actually buy a new computer for my business start up and I am only getting it because I want to see what it can do (or not do). Besides, how can I do consulting in media and tech if I don’t know what stuff can and can’t do? lol

For me the bottom line with windows 7 is if they do not have a working database driven operating system (what they planned on having for Vista but dropped), then it is still not worth switching. the future is data retrieval and information creation. Using the old file type system for searching data just won’t cut it when it would be far better to use database clustering.

Anyway, pictures of the new system are at Gizmodo. Link below.

Windows 7: First Official Photos