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Nerd Alert: The Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

(because its just freakin awesome)

Is it grown? Is it sexy? Most people will say hell no, but it is being grown and sexy when you are true to yourself and let me tell you the nerd/geek/tech lover in me loves this app.

Does the app do anything other than look AWESOME?

The spot on graphics and familiar chirping sound triggered when performing the epic cover-flip to access the communicator’s controls is pure goodness. This one is guaranteed to have serious old school Trekkies drooling like a Basset Hound. My favorite part of this app is that with one touch of a button a dialing pad is revealed that allows users to engage their communicator fantasies at will for making calls. Calling buddies for a beer run has never felt so incredibly satisfying.

SOURCE: iPhone Savior

AWESOME!!! And the price is awesome too at .99 Cents

Geeky: A Coffee Table For The Ages – RGB LED Coffee Table

rgb led coffee table

(even the grown and sexy needs the latest geeky gadget/furniture)

And Now The Video

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Nerd Alert: Ravage Transforming USB Flash Drive

Ravage Transforming USB Flash Drive

(why? because its AWESOME!!!)

I believe I have seen this before and no its not exactly grown and sexy… but that is why I put it in the category Nerd Alert. Maybe that’s a little harsh but I have to admit I totally geeked out when I saw this on Nerd (yes that IS the name of the site and expect more links to them as they show more stuff from time to time). I want this so bad. Probably won’t  actually get it anytime soon, but I will get it.

Cost? WHO CARES!!! Cost be damned! lol