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Nerd Alert: 3D From Sony… and no 3D glasses needed

(one cool video… you know, if your a nerd)




Could We Soon Have an iPod Touch Supersized?

apple tablet early 2010

(a pretty good wish list for what could be the iPod Touch of the future)

Nerd Alert: 10 Minutes Of Turbo Boosting… seriously…

(and it still looks cool for some reason)

(no one was wearing SEAT BELTS and theyall should have flown out the window)

Nerd Alert: Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah

Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah


(You gotta see the animation)

Robotic cheetah runcycle gif animation

This is something that has an incredible amount of detail. The parts and aarticulation is incredible. basically any movement that the cat can do, so can this creation.

Source: Book of Joe

I Swear ENOUGH With Mario Brothers Already

(why am I so obsessed? lol)

(speaking of mario brothers)

(Mario brothers for the Wii)

Nerd Alert: Life Scale Model of Gundum

(good lawd, why make this thing? lol)

I Will Believe It When I See It: New Xbox PROJECT NATAL

(if they make it, I will come)


Nerd Alert: If You Like Video games… ALLOT… You Like This Video

(it looks like he may have a problem)

Cell Phone Version of Russion Doll

Russian Doll Cell Phone Evolution

(a nice addition for the eclectic set)

Browser Wars Continue: The New Opera Comes Out Today

(Engadget will review… so will I)

Firefox, Chrome, Flock, Safari, Opera

who will you choose? I have them all lol