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Music Mondays: 3rd Bass – Product Of The Environment

(wow… love this freakin song and yes the rockaways was THAT BAD)

Turns Out Molestation Case Against Micheal Was False (or is it?)



With the passing of Micheal Jackson, it would seem allot of stuff is aready coming out of the woodwork when it comes to him and the way he lived life. Here is just one of the many I have read so far while trying to do a tribute page for him.

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Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 GET DOWN! Jackson 5 Variety Hour



Micheal Jackson Passes Away At 50 Of A Heart Attack

Rest in peace Micheal.

Live video feed whee news conference is being held is here. This is unbelievable…

ABC and NBC will do a tribute on it tonights. NYTimees has a small timeline of events.

Beyonce: Making of Sweet Dreams

(somewhere in Brooklyn…)


I Am… Tour IS in EFFECT

Music Mondays: 3rd Bass – Steppin’ To The A.M.

(notice the dance moves and clothes… and Pete Nice’s chair)

I almost got that type of hair cut with script on the back of my head

Still might do it, like Kayne West did lol… I know people who COLD HATE THIS SONG but anyway you get THE GAS FACE for that pop goes the weasel!!! The retro movement continues…

Positive K – I Got A Man

(couldn’t wait till Monday!!!!)

oooooh SNAP lol

I gotta question to ask you troop, are you a chief? Cause you keep feeding me soup. LMAO

Music Mondays: Kwame – The Rhythm

(wow I can’t even remember this!)

I know its not Monday, but I had to post this one early (or late depending on how you are looking at it). This one definitely goes on my Old School Music page I am putting together.

Check out the fashion of the times… and the dance moves. Man, you better believe I can get down with this lol

Yes… and it gets better lol you gots to get down!!!

Oh and guess what? He did an interview too… click read more below

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Music Mondays: Slick Rick – Hey Young World

(now this is a super classic)

Music Mondays: Raekwon Featuring Wu-Tang – Ice Cream

(awwwwwe man this was on repeat back in the day)

(oh and check out the fashion of the day in the vid)