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Nerd Alert: If You Like Video games… ALLOT… You Like This Video

(it looks like he may have a problem)

Real or Fake: PANAMA Women’s Cricket Team Hits The Net

Fake (but HAWT!!!)


OR real?


(why spoil it for me???)

This picture (and others) are all over the net. Not exactly grown but DAMN SURE IS SEXY! Its like I started sweating just looking at the photos. What’s worst is that I knew women who LOOKED JUST LIKE THAT, but they didn’t play Cricket though lol.

One last thing, I am pretty sure that those spandex pants would not go that deep in anyones ass no matter how big it is. But if it were possible, I will bet that they would be the next popular leggins for the laides lol

Not the usual grown and sexy post, but I couldn’t help myself.

How Advertising SHOULD Be Done – Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

(the King likes square butts too… I guess it got him in trouble with the apes)

You know, I am into advertising and promotion. I guess after years of waching TV, movies, cable and so forth, I have become savvy with advertising. This right here is not only funny for Burger King, but very cool. Are we to go back to the days were advertising actually linked back to the show they were advertising on instead of some generic ad that can be put anywhere?

Granted that generic ads are less costly and can be repeated continuosly, but ads like this Burger King promo on a YouTube video promoting a DVD release by Seth MacFarlane is priceless. Its made to be viral and it freakin works lol

Tell Me The Truth*

(because the truth hurts lol)

The Truth Wristband is a wearable device that dynamically reflects your psycho-emotional response to the world, promoting internal states to be externalized and made into interactive forms of expression. Measuring the galvanic skin response (a marker of emotional arousal commonly used in lie detector tests), this devices lights turn from blue to red as the wearer becomes aroused. Ask the wearer an evocative question and reveal his or her inner Truth

Couldn’t I tell if he I telling the truth just by looking at him and asking  him a bunch of questions?

How NOT To Rob Your Neighbor

Lets Try Running Into The Door

(wow… that was just stupid)

(head first no less…)

Is UDINK offensive to you? – Family’s license plates deemed offensive

While browsing Yahoo for interesting items for feature on my entertainment site (currently being revamped), I came across this little jem.

Now I was reading it and the whole time I was trying to figure out what the problem was. The family’s name is Udink, and the license plates they got was UDINK1, UDINK2 and UDINK3. I’m sitting here reading this, trying to figure out what the heck could a udink be.

So I head over to one of my favorite places, Wikipedia, to see what they have to say.

1 People
2 Things
3 In fiction
4 Slang
5 See also

Apparently is has MANY meanings. And not only that, it was a name of a cartoon character (innocent I am sure) and a hypocorism for the given name Dennis.


If your into diecast cars, like I am, then you are also going to find this interesting… that dink is sometimes used to refer to miniature diecast cars much like what Hotwheels and Mini-Champs makes.

But now we get to the heart of the matter… the word dink is used to refer to people of Asian decent. After reading that, I remembered that I have heard it before, but it was quite along time ago. And it was most likely on TV in the form of a movie.

It could also mean penis.

And with that last possible description of what dink could mean, here is the link to the story:

Family’s license plates deemed offensive – Yahoo! News