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Timberland Premium Rounded High 6 Inch Heel in Wheat

Timberland Premium Rounded Heel 6 in Wheat

(I would LOVE to see my lady in these)

This particular Timberland boot comes in 3 colors: wheat, black, and tan. Tan actually is the best one while wheat (shown above) and the black ones come directly behind it. You can pick your up at either or Finishline. Hurry, last year these went really fast, and they probably will do the same this year.

Price of admission is $119.99. Not too bad for a high heel boot.

When Your Just Chillin On The Block: The Basic AD Jean by Artful Dodger

Can the grown and sexy pull this off?

I love me some Karmaloop!!! I don’t know why I never noticed the site before, but now I am so glad I noticed. I like these jeans and no its not professional wear or even what I would consider urban casual, but is adult enough and cool enough to wear for those in the grown and sexy croud.

If you want them, go get them. They are on SUPER SALE for $99.99 (usual price is $125). It will work well with this t-shirt:

I Got 99 Problems by Sneaktip $24.99

That is, if your into sneakers 😉

As The Turntable Turns: The Tableturns Gold Watch by Flud Watches

Sells for 80 Bucks at Karmaloop

This is a unique find. Not very subtle, but nice. Not classy, but still nice. This is another watch that you better know where the hands are pointing to because there are no ANYTHING to say what time it is. All you have is the hand positions. You will defiantly know its 12am (or pm), when its 3 o’clock and so forth, but not when its 9:32am lol

But as I said before, this watch is for fashion and making a statement about you, not so much telling what time it is. Besides, most people look at their cell phones first for what time it is anyway. Plus, since you are a business man who has total control of what time you go to stuff, maybe you don’t need to know what time it is LOL


The Tableturns Gold Watch
Watches By Flud Watches – Karmaloop

Put 718 On Your Zipper – Sneakertip The MF Jeans

Not exactly what I would call grown and sexy or even urban casual. this is totally in your face wear right here. While I usually wouldn’t post “young and thuggin” or “in your face like a can of mase baby” clothing, I have to say that this is interesting enough to be posted.

I mean, who says the grown and sexy of us can’t wear a little “all up in yo grill” wear?


The MF Jean by Sneakertip