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Money: Getting Ready To Retire And Live Your Best Years


CNN Money has put up an article on what you should be thinking about retirement (including calculators and retirement planners). I sure have been reading my books on money management, business and the like so that I can find a way to catch up and pass most of my peers in the same age group and hopefully leave myself with a nice chunk of change when i am done (you need to have at least 1.5 Million at your retirement age… so basically we all ahave to be millionaires lol)

Ok people, let make sure we save for retirement. As  much as our government and elected officials say that we will all have health care and social security when we get old, I have to say I truely doubt that any of those particular safetly nets will be around for our generation.

Multi-Angle Bike… Because Your Bike Doesn’t Have Any Angles


(a bike only the Flintstones could love)

This is one of those silly things that just seem to work for whatever reason. While I don’t think I will EVER buy one for myself to ride on, I think I would try it at least once just to see if it would really work.

As seen on  via Oddity Central (and all over the net if you look up multi-angle bicycle).

You Know You Need To Fix Your Toes Wearing Those Tight Shoes

As seen from and originally found at

OK, let me be the first to admit that I have problems with my toes. They come in just like in the picture. For whatever reason, I just didn’t do anything about it, until I took a job that I had to be on my feet all day.

Now I am paying attention.

I got my toes closer to straight but I still got this bump on the side. I guess I may have to go to the doctor for that one.

Anyway, I am sure there are plenty of people (male and female) who will need this. I think I may get it once I confirm that it will actually be good for my feet.

“My Body Got Better With Age!” – From MSN Health & Fitness

Here is a great new article (well, when it comes to MSN hi-lighting an article on our email page, it being new is relative) on exercising and staying healthy.

I was at the doctor last week and you know what he told me? New just came out a few weeks ago (or something like that) where you should exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days out of a week (leaving 2 days for rest). That along with eating responsibly aka no hunger diets, you can stay healthy and loose wieght.

Click the link below for more about the story.

“My Body Got Better With Age!” – MSN Health & Fitness – Diet & Fitness