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Autos: Fugliest Car Ever Made – Pontiac Aztek

(the fake rave entrance pretty much says it all)

I don’t have much to say about this one. I do remember seeing some guy around my way having this back in 2001. My sister and I would laugh at the guy almost everytime out of the window. then we found out he had a girlfriend and mad bets as to when she would leave him because of how gawd awefule this care looks. Low and behold, we saw like 3 arguments… two inside the car… and one next to it. after that, we didn’t see the girl much… I say its the cars fault for being so butt ugly.

The interior is nice though… watch the reviewer (who sounds like he did this review back in the 80’s) and watch how people respond to the question, “do you like this car” lol

Oh and you gotta read the Autoblog comments… FUNNY

And Speaking Of Mario… Mario Rescues the Princess “UNCENSORED”

for adults only

(yeah… that frog is one lucky dude)

(too bad Mario couldn’t even get play)

This is not for the kiddies and is probably not safe for work. Was thinking about passwording this but its not as bad as some of those classic music videos… I didn’t realize “Push It” by Salt and Peppa was so bad lol

Anyway, here is the clip:

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Not Grown or Sexy: Don’t Fall Asleep While Getting Your Face Tatoo


(did she really fall asleep after getting 56 stars on her face?)

Homeless SIMS: Their names Are Alice and Kev

Homeless SIMS - are you kidding me

Somehow and someway, the homeless issue has made its way to the SIMS game. And this entry isn’t just some aimless character that just hangs out somewhere while you play the game, these 2 people have stories.

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twitter3 by mafi0z of

I am still doing my thing behind the scenes. You can catch me on Twitter more often than anything else if you want to find out what is grown and sexy (well, at least as far as I am concerned… later on I hope to find out what YOU think is grown and sexy). I am doing a major update of a couple of my sites and it is taking up most of my time, along with school, setting up my own business (YES I AM FINALLY DOING IT MA AND PA!!!)

(just in case you want to know what I listen to)

But I promise that in the month of June you will be seeing a whole bunch of posts on tech, fine luxury, classy shoes for men and women, watches (I love to look at watches for some reason) and of course the responsible grown man or woman has to… HAS TO talk about what is going on in politics and government, business and money. Why? Because we are grown professionals who are involved in our communities and we want whats right for them… and looking sexy while we do it is just a plus. That’s what being grown and sexy is all about.

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Banks Snatch Almost $2 Billion From Us Yearly… wow, I hope this aint true

(and here how it works)

Banks Snatch Almost $2 Billion From Us Yearly as seen on BillShrink

(interesting ain’t it?)

(as seen on Bill Blog)

(you gotta read the comments… enlightening)

How NOT To Rob Your Neighbor

Lets Try Running Into The Door

(wow… that was just stupid)

(head first no less…)

Does Pimpin Curly Go Too Far?


(think this whole calling out Rick Ross is going too far?)

Now we have a tape and some site called BooBoo TV (lmao) showing a different side of someone who Rick Ross was dating a while ago. Now you know there aint nothing grown or sexy about this so my opinion is that this is just a mess in a brown bag on fire at your doorstep. Nevertheless Dr Jays brought up the question so I figured I would bring it to your attention.

I refuse to put up a poll because there is only one real asnwer to this lol… check out the comments on Dr Jays blog.

Good Lawd Has Mercy! I Really Need To Post More

There is so much to do and little time to do it. I thought I would be able to at least post once a day on stuff going on in the tech-fashion-politics of the grown and sexy profesional but I aven’t been able to do it.

I have been able to add a whole bunch of links to the links archive on Delious as part of my super huge “electronic source magazine” (under copywrite… but more on that later) but  most of the links added have been about politics, the stimulus, finding work, education, and the downturn of business.

But where’s the fashion, tech and the acational drama that many of out celeb/famous/leaders are going through? Where are the books I am reading and want to read? Where are the blacslotation movie reviews? Where are the old school movies and music videos? Where is the music listings and artist profiles?

Ok, ok I am working on it. It doesn’t help that I am currently full time at grad school. That is taking up a whole lot of time and energy. Nevertheless, with school coming to an end and me having more time, i think many of my 10’s of blog readers will be very happy with what I am trying to do.

I think its time for the people who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s (the Hip Hop generation) and are adults now to have a place where issues important to us.

I will probablyu start posting full time 2 weeks from now when school ends. In the mean time, follow my links on the left.

Tomorrow is the day… I start my blog anew!!

I will be posting again (at least once every 2 days, defiantly 3 times a week at least) on what’s I like in tech and fashion, trends, and what it really is to be grown and sexy… and that means ALSO being (at the very least aware of) professional and being political.

Yeah that’s right I said it. You have to get down and dirty sometimes for the better-ment of your community and for your own personal welbeing.


Well, I’ll go into that later. My main point is that my blog will re-open tomorrow for the inaugural of the 44 president.

I welcome everyone to my blog and hope you get more out of it than I do (and that’s saying allot cause I plan on getting allot out of writing here)

See you tomorrow!