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I am still doing my thing behind the scenes. You can catch me on Twitter more often than anything else if you want to find out what is grown and sexy (well, at least as far as I am concerned… later on I hope to find out what YOU think is grown and sexy). I am doing a major update of a couple of my sites and it is taking up most of my time, along with school, setting up my own business (YES I AM FINALLY DOING IT MA AND PA!!!)

(just in case you want to know what I listen to)

But I promise that in the month of June you will be seeing a whole bunch of posts on tech, fine luxury, classy shoes for men and women, watches (I love to look at watches for some reason) and of course the responsible grown man or woman has to… HAS TO talk about what is going on in politics and government, business and money. Why? Because we are grown professionals who are involved in our communities and we want whats right for them… and looking sexy while we do it is just a plus. That’s what being grown and sexy is all about.

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Stumbled Across This: Changing The Present


I guess everybody is trying to make change these days… I am a believer in being the change you wish to see in the world and well here is a way to change how you give gifts.

Man, you got to wonder what the future holds for all of us when it comes to the new president, the economy and these wars we have going on… looks like we are all in for the ride of our lives.

Hip Hop Crown Jewel Auction… Crunk Aint Dead!!!

If you want the chance to own something you have seen Hip Hop artists wearing in those music videos with the jewels, cars and girls. Some of what is for sale are from such Hip Hoppers such as Missy Elliot, P Diddy, Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, and way more included Lil John “Crunk Aint Dead” piece of which weighs 12 pounds and has 3000+ round white diamonds set in 18K gold.

Some of the sales will go to Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (and to other organizations as well). Doubt i will be able to get anything, but that’s cool… In the future I will be able to!!! lol

Asanti Declares Herself and Wants The Ladies To Join In


Ashanti and Akademiks (as seen on Dr. Jays) has teamed up for some special edition t-shirts . The whole idea works around promoting this online site (that I hope isn’t just something they are doing for her album) called I Declare Me of which is about youths expressing themselves on violence, voting, domestic voilence and so forth (is for the ladies, but I think everybody should be allowed in).

From Dr. Jays:

“I believe in women’s empowerment and standing up for what you believe in,” says Ashanti. “‘I Declare Me’ is a campaign that addresses issues facing young people today such as voting, domestic violence, discrimination and eating disorders.

“I’m happy Akademiks has partnered with me on this project by creating the official ‘I Declare Me’ t-shirts,” she continues. “Get the shirt, wear the shirt and declare yourself, love yourself – ‘Declare Me’.”

I think this is an insightful site that SHOULD last longer than just a promotional push for a album. This is not something that should be just a commercial, this should be something that keeps getting attention and focus and hopefully support from Ashanti. I mean, everything you do doesn’t have to work out, but that don’t mean you don’t try.

The t-shirts are available only at

Fight the power!!!