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Maison Martin Margiela Glass Slippers… Say What?

maison martin margiela_glass-high-heel-shoes


glass high heel slippers

(just don’t step on anything… period lol)

Where to buy them… if you want them:

  • Maison Martin Margiela Central Store at 18 On Lan Street, Central. Tel: 2869 7707
  • Maison Martin Margiela Harbour City Store at G105, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui. Tel: 2736 0006

More info on ButterBoom

Source: Butterboom

Martin Margiela Makes Fashion and Life Size Magazines

(because with all the magazines failing)

(you need a life size magazine to save it)

Grown and Sexy Sneakers: Raf Simons “Kangaroo Sneaker” In New Color

Raf Simons Kangaroo

(because your grown… because your sexy©)

Some nice smooth sneaker that could possibly get away with looking like shoes. Raf Simons (more info on him hereNYT article on the fashion here) has hit the nail on the head with this colorway.

Go ahead… impress the ladies. First seen on The.LIFE


Just be glad you didn’t end up with this look…. EXTREME and CUTTING EDGE FASHION  right there, but its too much for me lol. Give me an earth-tone colors over that anyday.

Music Mondays: Kwame – The Rhythm

(wow I can’t even remember this!)

I know its not Monday, but I had to post this one early (or late depending on how you are looking at it). This one definitely goes on my Old School Music page I am putting together.

Check out the fashion of the times… and the dance moves. Man, you better believe I can get down with this lol

Yes… and it gets better lol you gots to get down!!!

Oh and guess what? He did an interview too… click read more below

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Would You Were These? LaRare Cordelia

Larare Cordelia

(do you really want to know the price?)

Really White Camera: Special Edition All-White Leica M8

Special Edition All-White Leica M8

(aint this the whitest thing you’ve ever seen?)

(ok, ok, its not that white lol)

Music Mondays (Special Edition): Whodini – Freaks come out at Night (original)

good lawd I think I remember seeing this lol

and what the HELL are they wearing on the stage???? Are those short-shorts????? By the way, for some reason i want 50 Cent to do a remix of Im A Ho. I think he could pull it off and it would be a instant hit like Got Money was with its old school back ground. 50, you wanna sell records, get some old school flavor on there! Start a trend like P Diddy did for the 90’s

Time for us who grew up on Hip Hop to get some music too you know. Throw some heat our way and give us some classic beats from our time… but I guess that is a rant for another day.

The Rocawear I Will Not Loose Campaign – Nicole Bell Will Not Lose

I really like the ” I Will Not Loose” campaign. maybe it just connects with me for some reason. maybe its because I decided a while ago that I won’t loose either and will keep trying until I’m dieing. In my personal opinion,  hope everybody gets what is trying to be said about this campaign. Its not about being cocky or the only people who can say the phrase “I Will Not Loose” are people who are somehow more special than other people. It is about being resolved and being set to move forward toward your dreams and ambitions. You can only loose when you stop trying even though you still want it.

And another thing… you don’t have to do it by yourself. Whatever it is you are reaching for, maybe you should reach out to people who have done it before. Failure is not an option because it only exists when you give up.

First seen at the link below:

Nicole Bell Will Not Lose | | The Blog About Moe Arora And His Journey In the Music Business.