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SwissBike and Montague Folding Bike (now with demo video) and the Schwinn S -25 Dual Suspention Bike

[a very interesting bike right here]

[and yes I plan on getting it sometime next year April]

2008 Paratrooper Mountain BIKE


[Now Isn’t That Just The Best Thing You Saw Today?]

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This is one awesomely freaking cool bike! I think its been out there for a while, but I guess I didn’t take notice of it until today after applying for my ZipCar

2009 Models: SwissBike XO[crazy expensive – Bet $799 and $2000 – but worth it]

Schwinn S-25 Dual Suspention Bike


I wanted to get like 3 different bikes.One to ride around Brooklyn (and beyond) in just to take pictures and video of cool places, the others would be for long distance riding, workouts, and any bike tours I end up doing. the last like was for travel and to ride to work.

Now I can just get 2 bikes. One for just casual riding around and the other (the folding bike from Swissgear and Montague) for long rides, workouts and riding to work.

If you want  to do the same thing then its gonna cost you 250 for the Schwinn from Target and around 800 dollars for the Paratrooper Floding Mountian bike from Montague. While I am sure the folding bike pricie will stay the same, the bke from Target will probably be reduced if you wait for the winter or decide to buy it next year (same model – Schwinn S-25). I know enough about bikes to know that this is what usually happens when you buy a buy from a chain store like Toys R Us or Target.

Nevertheless I am still getting my bike tomorrow, but I do have other reasons to get it than just casual riding  and taking pictures of Brooklyn (more on that in the fututre). If you guys want to get your folding bike on visit Montague or Swissgear’s websites. It not only a bike you can really travel with, but get some exercise with. Sounds like a good investment (hmmmm… I hear people saying how something is a good investment, but just keep in mind that a investment is as only as good as the investor who make it worth something)

Time To Get Fit: MensHealth Contest

ime to get fit

(a contest I am just not ready for… yet)

(could use a cruise though…)

Shape Ups Shoes From Skechers – Fitness Footwear

I swear they say “buttocks” like 10+ times

Women's Shape Ups - Jump Start From Skechers

– and the video is a must watch – Continue reading

P90X… Does It Work?

Well, here we are with the first post of the week and I am starting with exercise. Yes, the grown and sexy are into exercise (we have to be cause we are getting fat) or at least try to work out so I will try to make sure that I write about exercise.

So here I am watching this commercial (informercial actually) after watching an hour long show on the autoshow in Detriot and they are talking about working out and “muscle confusion“. So I m wondering, is this a scam or the real deal.

Then a brain storm hit me: I will test this item out and tell you what I think. In fact this won’t be the only exercise/cell phone/gaming system/tech gadget/car/trucks/restaurants/food/travel that I will be playing with before I review it for all you grown and sexy people.

So, I will be officially ordering this thing sometime this week (probably Friday) in the hopes that I get it by Sunday of the second week (February 8th) and will chart my progress. Is it a sham? Does it work? Does it work at least a little bit?

I guess we will all find out.

(one persons view already…  lol)

Suunto X9i Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch with Altimeter

What can make a watch for sports and working out cost almost 400 dollars? I guess when it has an Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and GPS.

Here is the description of the watch:

The Suunto X9i GPS Watch tracks waypoints along your route, interfaces with digital mapping software, and even tracks speed, distance, altitude, and weather as you hike, climb, or ski. Pre-plan your routes by uploading data from digital maps or Google Earth, so you never lose your trail. Suunto made the GPS with an incredibly accurate 3-foot resolution and gave it the ability to show your current speed, distance traveled, distance to you next waypoint. It also has enough memory to store a ridiculous amount of information for future reference. Find your way through a whiteout, battle through brush to a remote peak, and know exactly how many vertical feet you ski in a season with this amazing GPS watch.

I truly doubt I would get anything like this, nor do I ever see me needing to use it. I guess knowing how high you have climed right there on the spot is ok… well if you want it, it will cost you exactly $349.99

As seen on

Yeah, I Got The Purfect Pushup… AND IT WORKS!

I’ve been using it for a month now and I have to say my chest and triceps are getting a little beefy. No, I don’t look like the guy  in the picture though… somehow I feel that is implied that you will look like the guy on the picture after 30 days, but anyway I have to say it works. those 2 minute workouts are tough. I know I am out of shape, but DANG! I figure I would be able to do more push ups than the 14, 10, and 6 I do in a setting.

Well, I am on my way to being way built by next year. I started walking around the neighborhood to get my body ready for running around the track. I hope by next month i will actually see the track and be jogging on it. I want to join the gym I joined last year (and never went not once) to work on my weak knees and get rid of my gut. I actually want a 6 or even a 8 pack (never had one before no matter how hard I tried) so i will be working on that too.

And i really need to get a bike. When I was riding my bike, I think I was in the greatest shape of my life (too bad I was going through so much turmoil in my head at the time) so I need to get that bike!

I also need to get that traveling Perfect Pushup so I can do stuff at work (if possible). I’ll try to get you guys (all 100 of you who read this blog a day) up do date on what I’m doing when it comes to my workouts.

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Alice Kaiserswerth x Adidas EQUALS Croquet

Now this is grown AND sexy. If you into Croquet, and you want something real special, and you want to play in urban areas (h’uh??? lol) get this Alice Kaiserswerth designed croquet set.

Come on! Release yourself from those stuffy English lawns where you would think is the only place to play Croquet…because of a special design, you can play with this on the sidewalk. Can you beat that?

Oh and check out the footwear:

Adidas Croquet Sneaker

Look closely at the soul of the shoe… yeah, where the Adidas symbol is… yup, that is the ball holder so when you hold the ball with your foot it is more steady.

Isn’t that cheating???

I wonder if this is a shoe you can just walk around in and not feel like something is missing at the toe area? The shoe does look comfortable though. I get them that much.

If you want to know more click the link below. (I think me and Cool Hunting are going to be great friends… I really like that site)

Cool Hunting: Urban Croquet

“My Body Got Better With Age!” – From MSN Health & Fitness

Here is a great new article (well, when it comes to MSN hi-lighting an article on our email page, it being new is relative) on exercising and staying healthy.

I was at the doctor last week and you know what he told me? New just came out a few weeks ago (or something like that) where you should exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days out of a week (leaving 2 days for rest). That along with eating responsibly aka no hunger diets, you can stay healthy and loose wieght.

Click the link below for more about the story.

“My Body Got Better With Age!” – MSN Health & Fitness – Diet & Fitness