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Windows 6.5 For Cellphones Seems Real Nice


(I need a new phone)

WinMoblie 6.5


There is a video review on Engadget and if you are interested you  should take a look. Windows did push the envelope with this one, but it doesn’t beat HTC’s TouchFlo.  At least the window face is more customizable.

Some cool things about WindowsMobile:

  • New Today screen: Though the “classic” Today screen is still available, 6.5 introduces an all-new version that somewhat closely approximates the Zune’s home screen experience (whether that’s a harbinger of things to come remains to be seen). Perhaps more than any other single feature, the new Today screen gives 6.5 a freshened look — but ironically, many users will never see it because it’s often replaced by a manufacturer customization (in HTC’s case, TouchFLO).
  • “Honeycomb” Start screen: The main menu of old — a white screen with a grid of boring, old icons — looked like a relic of Windows 3.1. Happily, it’s gone here, replaced with a themed alternating list of thoroughly modern images for default apps. The Start menu is gone, too — pressing the Windows icon in the upper left of the screen now leads straight to the new Start screen.
  • Finger-friendly UI elements: Windows Mobile’s notorious for being unable to shake the stylus, but 6.5 makes some additional baby steps to help fingertips do all of the work — inertial scrolling in many screens and a redesigned context menu style both help here.
  • New lock screen: Though not revolutionary, Microsoft put a commendable amount of thought into this one — instead of merely settling to give the user one way to get back into their device, 6.5’s lock screen gives you multiple points of entry depending on the current status; if you’ve got a new text message, for example, you get a separate unlock slider that can take you straight to it.

And other new additions include a revamped internet explorer, windows marketplace, and exclusive content… whatever that is…

(just in case you wanted to see this…. Longest Windows 6.5 Review Ever)

Customized Dodge Charger Auto-PC

Dogde Charger customized PC

(I am not too sure about this one… lets hope there is some desktop customization with it as well)

Visit the main site here and they also have a Facebook page in case you wanted to follow them on there.

And it gets better. Read part of the press release:

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Is TomTom’s iPhone Car Kit Worth $120???

tomtom iPhone GPS

(what? 120 bucks and the iPhone app is sold separately?)

For a grand total of 120 dollars, tax not included, you get a fancy holder for your iPhone that hopefully enhances the GPS signal enough for it to be accurate enough to drive with. Somehow TomTom forgot to include the actul appthat will need to run on the iPhone in order to use it into the over all price. If they did the price would go up about 99 dollars because that is how much the app costs.

So the question is: is it worth buying all of this when you can get a stand alone GPS kit at close to the same price? For some I am sure the answer is yes. For me, the answer is no. The iPhone battery has enough to handle from music to video and games and all types of other apps. I think I will leave the car navigation to a particular self contained unit that is just for navigation.

Of course this is all for naught if you already have this installed into your car like many cars and trucks do have as an option.

Because Paper Speakers Are Better Than Real Ones

Paper Model Speakers(yes sound DOES come out of this)

Source: Addictive DJ Designs

I Have To Get The PS3 For Christmas – Grand Turismo Trailer

(oh I just LOVE driving games)

The game also will be on the new PSP portable called PSP Go (I don’t like the name… why not just leave it and call it the PSP 2?) I am sure you want to see what the new PSP Go will look like wo here it is:

Good grief these poeple just want me to keep on spending money!

Nerd Alert: Ravage Transforming USB Flash Drive

Ravage Transforming USB Flash Drive

(why? because its AWESOME!!!)

I believe I have seen this before and no its not exactly grown and sexy… but that is why I put it in the category Nerd Alert. Maybe that’s a little harsh but I have to admit I totally geeked out when I saw this on Nerd (yes that IS the name of the site and expect more links to them as they show more stuff from time to time). I want this so bad. Probably won’t  actually get it anytime soon, but I will get it.

Cost? WHO CARES!!! Cost be damned! lol




(for $260 dollars you can have this)

(blast from the past… the retro movement continues…)

And those headphones that Dr Jays shows next to the radio also look pretty sweet. At 60 dollars though, they better sound good.

On Sale At Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder

For about 179 dollars (let face it, the thing costs 200 dollars) you can have a cam recorder the saves up to 60 minutes of video.

Here are some of the features as shown on

  • Pocket-sized camcorder; Flat back panel with touch-sensitive buttons; 1.5-inch color LCD screen
  • 2 GB of on-board flash memory–records up to 60 minutes of video; 2x digital zoom
  • Internal Lithium-ion battery recharges when built-in USB arm is connected to a computer
  • Connects to TV for instant viewing
  • Built-in software lets you easily edit video files and upload them to video sharing sites

That’s pretty cool. And I love the way it hooks up to your laptop. Its really about being on the go and just recording that special event (as opposed to using your cell phone and going home to splice together 30+ different video clips… I KNOW YOU DID IT!!! lol

More info on click the link below: Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black): Camera & Photo