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(I’m still trying to find out what happened to the guy)

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President Elect Obama Has Won… but what if…


I have to wonder would we have voted for a Republican black older gentlemen for the president of the US? I doubt it cause the Democrats and Black people go hand in hand like cheese on crackers (ummm there is no meaning behind that comment LOL)

With President Obama going into his 101 day in office, I wonder about race relations in the US and how we have grown from the past what we used to treat each other like and what we treat each other like now.

Well, just wondering…. don’t feel like going into a big ole rant on it. Inspired by a post made many moons ago on The.LIFE files

What If…. as seen on The.LIFE files

Is This Why People Hate On Beyonce So Much???

Kelly Roland

(so is it true that they did Kelly dirty?)

First read if on Crunk and Disorderly (of which seems to want to breath fire on everywhere Beyonce walks, so they may not be a unbiased source of information lol) and CD linked back to Global Grind (never really visit there much so I don’t know about them but I think I will start watching them).

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can say one thing, I love me some Kelly!!! Goodness, I would ask her out in a second. 6′ 2″ and no drama!

But the point of all of this writing is this: Why do people hate on Beyonce so much? Does anybody have a idea? Is she really mean behind the scenes? Is that why people try their best to bring out stories that will probably only hurt those involved more than help? I just find nothing grown or sexy about any of this info, but hey, its stuff like this that made me make a blog like mine. I think we need something a little more high brow while still getting the scoop on what’s what.

But anyway, let me not get into a rant.

How NOT To Rob Your Neighbor

Lets Try Running Into The Door

(wow… that was just stupid)

(head first no less…)

We’re Just Not That Into You – Political Cartoon


(you have to just see the rest of this thing… FUNNY lol)

(maybe Obama she read it too so he can deal with the Republicans)

Rihanna and Chris Brown… The Drama Continues

Rihanna's Face After Abuse - TMZ

(Rihanna battered and abused after fight with Chris Brown)

(as seen on TMZ)

So what you see above is suppossed to be the real deal pictures. TMZ put it down and people are wondering if this is a fake shot like the other ones or the real deal. I think this is the real deal and makes Chris Brown look like a total monster.

I personally think they can both recover (mostly because they are both young), but the most important thing is that I hope they both face the issue and become leading avocates of this type of violence. I think that would be the only grown thing to do. It is much to ask of kids (even though they both are over 18) but I think both of them have the support to be able to do it.

My message to Rihanna and Chris Brown is that once you guys pull it together for yourselves and your families, get the message out about domestic violence.

Motley Fool Has CAPS… If you invest, this is a good tool

I just bumped into this as I was looking up stock p/e ratios from all the “tips” I was getting from the Fox Business Network… yes I said the Fox Business Network (black people do watch Fax here and there lol). When you look up a company, you get all the info you may need to decide whether or not you want to buy or not. Ok, ok… not ALL the info you need, but its allot; Stuff you can actually use. The best part is that it does some calculations of more than just the p/e ratio (p/e ratio basically tells you if the company is a bargain to buy or may be too expensive… your will need more info before buying or selling a stock or mutual fund but this helps). They also give you a 5 year look back of some of the ratios. 5 years is good, but 10 is better (step it up CAPS).

Between Motley Fools CAPS and Yahoo Finance, I think I will be ok. I know there are ALLOT more sites that can help with investing, but I need to check them out first (some I read in Benjamin Graham book The Intelligent Investor).

So What IS The Economic Plan, Obama?

Don’t get me wrong here, I like Obama (I’m a Democrat, albeit a conservative Democrat) and I also like Hillary, but that doesn’t mean I will just give them a pass because I’m a Democrat and McCain is a Republican.

When it comes to economic policy, Barack Obama’s standard campaign crack that a John McCain administration would amount to a third term of George W. Bush contains an awful lot of truth. Yes, McCain is a different man, with a different history, who will face a different set of challenges and opportunities than Bush has. But look through McCain’s campaign pledges on the economy, and for the most part they really do amount to a continuation of two key policy priorities of the Bush administration: cutting taxes and moving more economic decisions (and responsibilities) into the hands of individuals.

McCain economic adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin tried over the weekend to make the case that it’s Obama who more closely resembles Bush because they’re both big spenders. But it’s hard to see that one sticking. If this election becomes a referendum on the recent performance of the U.S. economy, Obama wins and McCain loses. It’s as simple as that.

Source: Time

I am all for raising taxes for people who have more disposable money as well as raising taxes for businesses, BUT I don’t want blind taxation. I want smart taxation. 150,000 dollars a year might sound like allot to me and you (for me, that is changing… 150,000 a year don’t sound so great to me any more but at the same time its still allot) but I don’t think its allot for a family of 3.

And if you are going to tax those who earn, say over 200,000 a year, lets put that new tax to things we need now like investing in our infrastructure (roads, train, airports, electric grid, fuel distubution and so forth). Imagine taking a train going 300MPH to Florida from New York and get their in 8 hours 9or less… I don’t feel like doing calulations on how far NYC is from say Maimi and how long it would take to ge there at 300MPH lol). We are in dire need of investing in our infrastructure especially our trains, bridges, tunnels and airports.

Taxing oil companies for their windfall sounds great, but it would be better if they were allowed to use that money on new technology and R&D for new fuel deposits and such. I think they would do a better job at finding more resources then the government would.

I don’t want taxes, I want smart taxation and investment.

Link: What Is Obama’s Economic Plan? – TIME

Age is NO obstacle! On the internet or to becoming wealthy

Age is no obstacle to great wealth… I totally agree with How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years™ blog.

Whether its a blog, a company you started or tring to get into stock investing, it is never too late. While you may want to start as soon as you enter the workforce (and for some enterprising youngsters even before then), yu don’t HVAE TO start.

You know about Kentucy Fried Chicken (KFC) right? How old was the Kernal when he got his company started?

I am sure there are more examples, but the point will be the same; your future is up to you. This is literally the beginning of a new age and that age is the Information Age (as opposed to the Industrial Age). If you have the data and take that data and turn it into information and take that info and turn it into knowledge, they you got yourself a way to creating wealth for yourself.

This is the bottom line: What we all are facing is that we can no longer depend on a “finish school and find a job” mentality. A business will not pay for your retirement, medicade will probably have collapsed (along with social security), and that 1 Million dollar 401K paying you 30-50G a year may not be enough to live off of if inflation has its way.

I truly believe that we are headed back into the type of economy where people need to be entrepreneurs and business people who own their own business. You will not be able to depend on just getting a job to get you to the next level. We have 2 parents working just to maybe be able to afford a home with their 2 kids and they can’t spend time with their kids either. Education costs way more than it did when our parents were going to school and will cost incredibly more when our kids go. 2 million in our 401k and our Roth Ira’s might not be good enough when we have medical bills, medicine to buy and operations to stay alive… not to mention being alive 30 years after you turn 65 when you are almost expected to retire.

Anyway, here the link to what inspired this post:

Age is NO obstacle! « How to Make 7 Million in 7 Years™